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Hello everyone

    • magicmind111
      Joined: 30.07.2011 Posts: 2
      Well... I'm obviously new to

      I'v been playing online poker for a year and a half now. I didn't knew the game very well before that because I've been raised with the concept that we don't gamble with real money.
      I thought poker was just a casino game solely based on luck, but a friend of mine explained to me some poker theories... and it changed my vision of poker completely.
      I started reading some books and began to play live and online poker. Bankroll management came intuitively based on the fact that I accepted to play poker with real money only because on the long run with good strategy it can be profitable. Bad runs happen and I live with it pretty well as long as I know that I played well.
      So far, my "poker adventure" is profitable. I play mostly online. Sadly, I lost some friends in the past because of poker. They were looking for a fish to gain some money and they didn't like my play style very well... mostly tight aggressive depending of my M zone.
      But, I'm always looking for new friends and I think I found the right spot here on

      For now, I play SnG single table between 6 and 10 players buy-in from 3$ to 11$. That's my comfort zone for now cause I'm in the money around 75% of the time.

      I'm looking for new strategies to mix my game and I'd like to play cash game eventually. Maybe multi-tabling. I think I over-analyze my opponents (every bets, raises, fold). It takes a lot of concentration and I fail to see how I could play at 10 tables at the same time!... way too much information ;-)
      Well, that's me... perfectionist.

      I'm happy that I found this website. There's so much information to read and watch.

      Now I must find a way to earn points to get access to those nice articles ;-)
      Any inputs are welcome, of course.

      Have a nice day everyone!
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    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      Hello magicmind

      A really big welcome to ps :P

      Roo :P
    • Jim4rdo
      Joined: 03.10.2010 Posts: 1,252
      Hi magicmind111 ,

      Firstly, a big welcome to the community, I'm glad you've found us! Where abouts are you from? Have you taken the quiz with us to get free $50 on one of these poker rooms? Or are you just using your own roll?

      Secondly, it sounds like you're on the right track already! If you sign up to any of the poker rooms through us using the codes, you can start earning those strategy points, and so can read more of our brilliant articles here and watch videos here. We've got sections just for sngs, mtts, and cash games too for when you want to change up your game and try some other ones.

      We also have free coachings which can be attended. Check out this page, you'll find some of the basic ones that at your current award level you can attend. And of course as you earn more points, you can go along to the more advanced ones ;)

      So with that, good luck and if you need anything more, just shout!

      Best regards,

    • Pouserly2
      Joined: 02.08.2011 Posts: 5
    • magicmind111
      Joined: 30.07.2011 Posts: 2
      Hi Jim,

      Here are some answers to your questions.

      I'm from Canada (East coast), Quebec province. My english isn't as good as my french ;-) Nonetheless, I prefer english because everyone seems to speak english these days.

      I passed the Quiz, opened an account with Titan Poker and got the 50$ after a phone call yesterday from one of your representative.

      About my bankroll... well:

      1- I started with PokerStars.
      2- To get Tournament Indicator for free I had to open an account with another poker room... so I chose PartyPoker. I got used to it and now this is where I play nearly all my online poker.
      3- Finally, I had to make a tough choice. I want to stay with PartyPoker, but I saw your 50$ offer as a chance to try another poker room without the obligation to make another deposit. I played cash game yesterday at Titan Poker. The software is the same as PartyPoker (more or less). It was not a very good session. As I said earlier, I'm used to play small SnG and tournaments and the dynamic is quite different from cash game. I had a bad run of cards. I played the smallest buy-in one can go for as I'm out of my comfort zone. I learned the basics quite fast and manage to make 16.50 Titan points losing only 0.10$.
      At NL 0.01$/0.02$, the stakes or so low that players don't see the value of their hands and bet/raise/reraise with anything... quite hard to get good reading on your opponents ;-)
      But, overall I'm happy with my session. I did the best I could with very poor hands. I suffered (survived) 2 badbeats without getting emotional.

      In a tournament, as long as you have chips you're not dead and the show must go on; everything is possible and you must do the best you can to rebuild your stack. This is my background. I think the biggest enemy we have when we play poker is our emotions... so better get rid of those from the start.

      Well, I think I introduce myself enough ;-) I'm looking forward to read new articles.

      BTW, is there a way that I can get PokerStrategy points when I play on PartyPoker or is it only with my new account on Titan Poker?

      Many thanks for your inputs

      (I forgot to say that I used and still use Poker Academy Pro 2 to see/play a lot of hands quickly) The software has its limitations of course, but I'm certain that everything has its purpose.
    • Jim4rdo
      Joined: 03.10.2010 Posts: 1,252
      Good morning!

      Your English is absolutely great, so don't worry about that ;)

      Great to hear you got the free $50 and are trying out other poker rooms and types of poker too. Sngs are certainly a lot different to cash games, and it takes time to get used to one or the other. If you're still keen on trying out cash games, and are playing BSS (this is where you have 100 big blinds in your stack, eg. 0.02 big blinds, your stack is always 2$), then check out this page. It's a guide to opening hands on cash games, and will help you a lot at this early stage of your poker career!

      You're right in regards to emotions too! A lot of poker revolves around it, especially something we call "tilt". You'll learn about this as you play and read more articles. There's sections on the forum where you can ask your questions about emotions and help with them, so don't feel afraid!

      Originally posted by magicmind111
      BTW, is there a way that I can get PokerStrategy points when I play on PartyPoker or is it only with my new account on Titan Poker?
      Unfortunately we can't re-track accounts - So if you already have one on PP without signing up through us, we can't do anything :( But as you've seen we're still affiliated with all the top named poker rooms, so if you fancy moving to any others you'll still get points if you sign up through us just like you would when you play on Titan.

      Well, you could try out our very own software elephant. This automatically imports your hand history as you play so you can analyse it later on, but also gives you real time updates as you play on the table - you get a HUD with other player's stats to help you decide what to do.

      Hope that's enough info for you for now, anything else you want to know, you know what to do :)

    • bringmecards
      Joined: 27.01.2010 Posts: 302
      best of luck at the tables and welcome