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      During the new laws that are trying to make in my country about gambling i have a problem that i would like to share and need an advice or solution if someone have to share .

      They are trying to force the system that works in france and in italy which every site require to have a licence to operate . So because they are still in talks about that , our goverment forbid online gambling atm . I want to create a moneybooker account but the problem ,as i ve heard, is that when u try to deposit via bank to mb it asks u if its for gambling purpose or not . If u answer yes the bank blocks the transfer if u answer no u cant use moneybooker to deposit in any poker site .

      any advice would be great .

      p.s. whats better to have ? a $ account or a euro one ? our currency in my country is in euro
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      Hi Schris7

      for your first question I don't know how the bank would know that you have ticked the box that it is for gambling purpose. I highly doubt that that info is transmitted to the bank but I might be wrong. A MoneyBookers representative frequently come by this board and more than likely will be able to confirm or deny my assumption

      as for the second part I found this in TwiceT's blog:

      Originally posted by TwiceT
      Originally posted by swissmoumout
      hey! sorry to revive the old (ish) discussion, but do you have any advice on what currency to use for poker? I'm about to deposit on party, and they don't offer CHF, but there's a choice between: USD; EUR; GBP; CAD; JPY. Is any of them more or less stable?
      Right now I have iPoker in euros and moneybookers in CHF, fwiw (with all my money on ipoker.. yay.)

      i think most important is that u have same currencies between your shipping sites. so u need to have at least NT or MB in USD. the other currency probably best in EUR. cuz u rly wanna make sure u dont lose when shipping site A > MB/NT > site B

      if your MB is in CHF, ofc the ship to your MB account should always be the last one. transferring between sites should then only happen via NT. in that case NT can be in EUR or USD, depending on the base currency of most of your poker accounts. if most are EUR, NT in EUR is best. if u mostly play on sites with USD accounts, NT should be in USD.

      i personally think that having some sites in EUR and some in USD is best, along with two MB accounts as VIP, one EUR, one in USD.

      MB > NT for me personally.
      Let me know if it answer your questions or not


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      thx . i guess i go for a us acc then :)
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      Hi Schris7, in which country are you currently? In France and Italy we have an official license to operate.
    • Schris7
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      Same here in my country and my solution is to buy MB from my friends or strangers. You will be to use it for gambling purpose when you receive MB from them.

      Or you can try to deposit into a forex company and make a withdrawal later, then the non-gaming MB will possibly become gaming MB.
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      Hi, everybody.
      Pardon my English, its like my 4th language. lol

      I have the same problem in depositing MB acc with credit card. Card Issuing bank will decline if i put on gaming purpose.

      I wonder if i open a MB account on my wife name and charge it with her credit card on NON gaming purpose, then transfer it to my MB account. Will the fund then can be used for poker site?
      I dearly hope so. :P

      Please confirm, i actually have opened wifey MB and charge it with credit card for verification purpose.

      PS : Wifey wont know, since her credit card is sub card of mine, so she wont know hubby is a degen poker'ER. :D