Poker brethren! This a good place to learn?

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      Hello! I like the idea of poker forums to help talk over hands etc but just flicked through some of the guides and had reservations. Have been playing for a while now and moved onto a couple of new sites; made a profit in PKR (just playing SnGs) and moved onto BetFair. Also took $25 I made in freerolls at Pokerstars and put it on WSOP. That's now at $120.
      Mostly I have been playing cash at WSOP and SnGs at Betfair but it seems I'm on a real downswing at Betfair. Wondering if my SnG game needs some work.
      Usually play one table SnGs and before I went to Betfair, was doing very well. Seems like I can't win a coinflip, constantly getting sucked-out on but can't get lucky myself and my bankroll is dropping. Always hate to see that but am still holding to good bankroll management.
      Does anyone feel that their game has improved from taking these strategy tests? From what I've read it's not telling me anything I don't know and there's a few points (especially about playable hands and relative position) that I disagree with. Example would be limping in early position with pocket 9s and down. That's just asking to be raised and if you just call a raise then you give up the betting lead. Seems to encourage a call-fold strategy for playing out of position.
      Would be nice to take a strategy session on winning coinflips :) . Seems to be a huge flaw in my game.
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    • deezer79
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      Fold AQ in early position with no action before you? Is this standard play? Just call with pocket jacks? Seems crazy-tight to me.
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      hi mate, my game has come along 10 times since joining poker strategy. the starting hand charts are not set in stone obvioulsy you need to adjust to different opponents, i find them most useful mainly at the start of tournaments as people want to play and will take on anything and usually hit, i will just keep waiting till ive got 10BB or follow the chart on here unlessi get big pockets or if i get a feeling or an opponent allows then il play other hands but only rarely. It is good though to follow the chart for position purposes as you dont want to raise (or limp when blinds are high) under the gun with 44 and somebody re raise and have to fold it as you know your beat unless you get real lucky. im only a beginner myself but the more im learning the better im doing in both live and online games.
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      Hi Simon,

      I've edit your signature, please refrain advertising another online poker community when you're posting on

      Thank you for understanding and if there's anything else you would like to talk about, don't hesitate to post.
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      Originally posted by deezer79
      Fold AQ in early position with no action before you? Is this standard play? Just call with pocket jacks? Seems crazy-tight to me.
      Hey folks!

      Firstly, welcome to the Community, deezer! Glad to have you here. What's your poker story?

      The thing about the starting hand charts is that they are intended for those who are just starting out on their poker journey.

      If you play following exactly the starting hand charts, you'll beat the games.

      Of course, as you come further along, you'll start to make your own adjustments, like sometimes you'll just call a raise with AA because you think the original raise will bluff lots of flops, so maybe you'll have a plan to just call his flop bet and then bet or raise the turn.

      The SHCs are tight, from one perspective, but they are very solid and start to help people to think in ranges and focus on learning the game.

      Of course, there's no 'one fits all' solution...sometimes it will be absolutely correct to just call with pocket Jacks, and sometimes you will raise with AQ. But if you take all of the 'average' information, the starting hand charts show the best way to play at the micros, and avoid you making the big mistakes (the high variance plays, e.g.) that will have you busting your free $50 before you've even started.

      If you stick to the starting hand charts, I guarantee personally that you'll beat the games!

      Want to beat them quicker? For more money or a better ROI? Well, then you'd better start working on your game. We can help there, too:

      Everything here is provided for you to advance your poker career at your own pace. What you do with that, and how hard you're prepared to work at your game, will determine how successful you are in the end.


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      Hi Marc! Thanks so much for the hearty welcome :) .

      I've been playing micro stakes for about a year and a half now, bouncing between different sites. First I put down $60 at Full Tilt, learned the game and after turning that into $120 I decided to invest a little more and move to another site. Withdrew those funds and put a total of $400 into a Pokerstars account. I started off well there but decided to play FL HE at $.25/.50 (occassionally moving up to $.50/$1) and steadily got beaten down. Felt quite harrowing and understood why a lot of people call it a "draw-out game". After getting sucked out on countless times and, most likely, not playing too well - I dropped my bankroll to $180.

      Just couldn't shake my downswing so thought that another change would do me good. Cashed out and joined PKR where I mostly played $3-5 SnGs. Seemed to go well and built my roll up to $315. During this time I felt that my game got a lot better, I became a much more aggressive player and truly felt an understanding for the power of position.
      Also, I used my Frequent Player Points at Pokerstars to freeroll into Tourney Dollars - $20 worth and used that to play $1 single table SnGs. Made a little over $30 out of that and moved it into a WSOP account. Have been playing micro cash games there and weaseled it up to $115. Cash game play also needs work as I was up to $145 last week and lately I feel like I'm playing with a little too much gamble. Doesn't help that everytime I have KK someone else has AA. Or 33. Or 9-10 suited :) .

      After the novelty of PKRs format wore thin I cashed out there and put my $315 into Betfair Poker and have mostly been playing SnGs there. The roll has dropped to $275 and as I said before, just can't seem to get anything going. Taking beats, losing far more than my fair share of flips and probably a lot of ill-timed bluffs has got me down :( . While at PKR I would go on streaks where I'd cash 1st 4-5 times in a row. The last week or so, I've hardly been cashing at all.

      I don't see many holes in my game and thinking about most of the decisions I've made, I don't see them as mistakes. Then again, that can't be seen as an unbiased evaluation.
      Heard about this site and thought I'd come aboard and try to get feedback on my game and obviously the extra $50 is a plus. Read the guides and despite disagreeing with some of it (such as the starting hands guide), I passed the test. Waiting for the funds now.

      Thanks for addressing my concerns about the chart Marc. It does seem a little "too solid" for my liking (statement seems self destructive, lol) and a lot of times, when I do try to play that way I end up blinding out waiting for those wonderous hands. Who can resist raising the button with suited connectors after a couple of players have limped in? Punish them! More often than not I find them check-folding the flop to me when they call.
      I have saved the starting hand chart so for the next few games I will follow them to the letter, see what happens. The live coaching sounds awesome too. Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.