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      i was referred to this site from another poker site by a member there, he basically told me about the sign up offer and as i was interested in HEM he made me aware i could get a discount on this product, would have been silly not to join,

      have had a browse around the site and i like it so hopefully i can take advantage of all it has to offer,

      i am only back to playing poker in the last 6 weeks after well over a year off, i dont have big volume, maybe playing around 10-12 hours per week, most recently the 10handed sngs on titan at the $5.50 buy in, normally 3 tables at a time

      to get use of the $50 sign up offer i have opened an account with everest poker and will probably deposit there as well to try and take advantage of sing up offers, would probably have chosen party but i already have an account with them from years ago and they charge quite a high rake on the lower buy in tables from memory,

      since coming back to poker recently i have been doing a lot of online reading and have purchased a couple of books while trying to be active in forums, i feel i have learned a great lot since i started back by doing this and hope to continue with my learning, even though i only play small volume i would like to move up in levels and make even a little bit of money from poker, even just enough ever year to take the family on holiday, that would be perfect for me, would like to get involved in some live games as well, not sure that there are many in my area though- ballymoney, n.ireland,

      thanks for reading
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      Hey tucker1984

      Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to you posting round these parts some more you are definately in the right place if you wanna improve your game and make some $. We have so much to offer you and once you start generating points more and more content is unlocked :)

      Get to know some people in the community im sure someone will point you towards some live games near you :f_cool:

      Dont hesitate to ask if you get stuck with anything

      All the best,