when you come to point you dont know what else/more to do...

    • Perolord
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      Hello. I started to play poker like 5 years back first just for fun and for a long time for play money... then someday i thought i am good enough to deposit and play for real and so i did and blow all the money...

      ... but for like last year i am trying to become winning player.. but the story is the same.. deposit and then i blow it again... i tried all, cash game, FR, SH, all on micro limits..

      .. the thing i see myself in is MTT turnaments and SNG tourneys...

      so the last deposit was 40$ on goal win (few days ago) and now im already on 16$.... it just seems its not working for me... played MTTs, finished all around 200th place out of roughly 1k players...

      The thing is i am not playing this every day, i just lost my intereset in it, loosing money all the time...

      The one and maybe only success is that i won freeroll out of 3k ppl a long long long time ago on PKR when i havent been playing for real money yet... since then.. nothing really to be pointed out...

      AND NOW....

      i am at point where i am very sad (so eager to become winning player)... and after like some time of playing (but not all the time serious/for real money) i am still beginner that feels like fish everytime....

      So what i am asking for you guys is... winning players, players who went through this and are sucessfull..

      What to do now, cause i am still very interested in poker?
      What to start read, check, watch,....to go beyond this point and make me winning player?
      How to go beyond all this, how to start study game and stuff like this...

      Please, make a suggestions, comments....i am thankfull for every help i can get...

      Have a nice day, Peter.
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    • Keplers
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      I dont know what to tell you man.... $40 isnt much of a bankroll, so if that's all that you have to play with, you gotta make sure you only play MTT's for under $0.50, or start by playing 2NL. Read the harrington stuff, get HEM, and give yourself a chance to learn by playing small enough to play many many times...

      Practice makes perfect, and if your bankroll only allows you to play 40 times a given MTT you are very likely gonna go broke even if you are very good...I personally started with the $50 from Pokerstrategy and never went busto thanks to my super nitty bankroll management. Try it, there's no going wrong :)

      PS: I don't like playing MTT's with less than 200 buy ins, so in you case either play $0.10 MTT's or go 2NL... Good luck!
    • neotesani
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      MTT's have high variance, but as for micro SNG's and cash you should be able not to lose money, at least.
      So... do you have some tracking softwear? Can you post your stats or some hand where you felt like fish?
      Did you actually ever read some strategy articles or watched videos? Are you doing things like limp calling from EP?

      If you do know basic TAG strategy, then it's another story (but still with happy ending :f_biggrin: ) You will have to find out in what kind of situations you deviate from optimal play and why. I would recommend you to read Theory of poker from David Sklansky, it's an old book but best for showing you what kind of game poker is and what kind of thinking is expected from poker player.
    • GraemeDR
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      Very limited info to go on here but to lose $40 straight away implies you're not playing very safe Bank Roll Management.

      Try only ever playing cash games with no more than 5% of your total roll, (so when you deposit $40 you can only play with $2), and always leave the table when you have 10% of your current total at the table. Never re-buy until you bust out.

      Only play single table SnGs with a maximum of 5% of your total roll.

      If you do play MTTs then only play ones that have a buy in of 2% of your total, if it's a re-buy or add-on tournament this should be even smaller so that if you total up all your buys and/or add-ons then it would be no more than 2% of your bankroll.

      Start with $50.

      Read plenty of strategy, starting with the articles here.

      All of the above applies to Full Ring games.
    • Jim4rdo
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      Hi Perolord,

      Firstly, welcome to the community! We'll be here to help you as much as we can along your poker journey.

      Secondly, thanks to everyone who has posted so far. Most of the information they've posted is spot on :)

      It sounds like you have a bit of trouble with your bank roll management, which is one of the most important things in poker, especially for MTT's and sngs like you want to play. I would advise you to check out this article , which gives you an overview on the best bank roll strategy for playing MTTs.

      As well I would have a look at some articles here. They are to do with SNGs, which although a bit different to MTTs, may be a better place for you to start off for now, and we also have a lot more content on them :)

      Just found this one as well, definitely check out the how to play before the flop article which has a downloadable PDF in it which is great :)

      One of our coaches here, chenny8888 has done some videos on low stakes SnGs, so have a look at his video here and see if it helps you out.

      I must add the poker is a long and lengthy learning process, and requires a lot of hard work and dedication! You won't get it overnight, but if you stick at it it will be rewarding on so many different levels. So keep at it, and don't feel too down, it's really just one of those learning processes you have to go through. And I'm sure you'll beat it! :)

      Hopefully I've given you enough information for now, but if you want more, feel free to ask!

      Best regards,