I turned to the roulette table!

    • ytsoP
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      I have recently got my free $50 starting capital and was soon underway, playing NLHE on PartyPoker. It didn't start off too well and I dropped to $30 but I realised my mistakes and gradually rebuilt it to around $80. Once I hit this mark it all just went down hill. It seems that I just cannot win even when I'm getting it in good almost every time. I have lost AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ after I have shoved pre-flop to hands which I am literally dominating. I think positively when I see my opponents hand but it just feels as if it is punching me right in the face.

      I've read over every basic, bronze and silver article and have followed what they have said but it seems as if I'm just plain unlucky. I think I need to attend some SNG coaching sessions and see if they can help me. Is there anything else I can do? :f_frown:
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    • TheCozlol
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      Hey dude :) .

      Glad to see you dont ragequit everytime you loose a 80-20.
      It really does hurt especially when its for an entire buyin or the tournament bubble.

      I can only say this, and so will everyone else. Variance.
      Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. I have seen people loose 4-5 BI in under an hour when they have been ahead everytime.

      It happens.

      Keep playing and make sure you have a very good Bankroll management so you can go on the downswings and still keep playing :)

      Eventually it will even out