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      Hi there, i'm new.
      I've played poker before, but decided to start from abc with your SSStrategy and see if it works...
      Let me share some results, I don't have ednought time, so I play only for 1hour/day... so till now i've played only 5 hours and won 25$ or about ~5$/h, which is far beyond my rate before using your SSS. Is this rate normal for this strategy, I expected about ~2.5$/h ... lol 4-5$/h seems too much ... i play the 0.10NL @ Mansion...
      Can someone share their rate using Short Stack Strategy and which limit?
      Maybe some info about the results using Big Stack Strategy?
      Here is mine :
      Mansion 0.10NL SSS 4~6$/h

      P.S. Sorry if there is such topic, couldn't find it...

      Edit2: Ouch Sorry, the topic is for No Limit, posted in the wrong section...sry, don't whooop the new guy :D
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