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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      hey Advaita.

      I dont know about party poker myself but i hear its very soft round those parts.

      I can welcome you to the community thought, so hello and welcome to possibly the greatest online community in the world :)

      How long have you been into poker?
      Have you taken our quiz for the $50 starting capital yet?

      If you have any questions or wanna start a discussion please dont hesitate to post :f_love:

      All the best
    • pleno1
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      Hey Advaita,

      My friend is playing NL10 on Party at the moment and I'm helping him out with a few things, the standard is generally really soft with lots of passive play both pre and post flop. Most flops are 3 way (unless my friend is in the pot) and generally the game is just really beatable. Software is amazing too.

      Are you thinking about getting your free $50 on there once you have passed the quiz?