Bug in Pokerstrategy restrictions in Poker770

    • Ignatzzz
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      Hello there,

      I just recently joined this excellent site & took advantage of the $50 deal with Poker770 & everything went rather smoothly as far as getting the $50 on my account yesterday.

      Ok, so I started to play some tournaments that I could enter with the buy-in restrictions related to the Pokerstrategy.com (and I have no beef with the restrictions), including naturally the freeroll satellites.

      Anyway, I happened to win a token from a freeroll to BountyPro770 tournament (worth $5 +$0.50) and when today I tried to register to the evenings tournament with the TOKEN, I got a message saying "Seat denied - bankroll too small". Does anyone else see the irony in this, getting a free ride (hard to imagine more EV+ situation) denied because apparently $0 investment is too big for my bankroll.

      I already contacted the site's support via email, and they didn't seem to grasp any problem in this. They just notified me that I should deposit at least $100 to remove the restrictions. Guess not with that attitude.

      Just that you all know, if you're getting your $50 deal through this site, don't bother with Poker770, or at least don't bother with their freerolls/satellites, as they apparently are just wasted time.
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    • thazar
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      Hi Ignatzzz

      I understand your frustration. I guess the restriction are made by amount and the program does not allow them to lift the restriction for 1 particular tournament or for tournaments that you won entry through satellites.

      however how long is your tournament entry valid for?

      as soon as you generate $50 in rake or tournament fees, your restrictions will be lifted


    • RubyWesson
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      Hey Ignatzzz

      Try emailing there support again you may not get a pre drafted response this is really unfair that they have denied you entry into a tournament that your not really paying with your Bankroll. This should be sorted for future possibility of it happening to other people or at least there should be a warning, Satellites are a nice way to get into a tournament outside your BRM

      Hope you can get something sorted

      Best Regards
    • Ignatzzz
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      Sadly it's valid only for 4 more days, so it will probably go to waste. Not a biggie, just an issue I wanted to get out there.

      Edit: Matt, yes, I already wrote a second time & got the cold shower again.
    • RubyWesson
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    • purplefizz
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      Hi Ignatzzz,

      Aw that kinda sucks.

      I am not sure if there is any other way around it. I will escalate it for you and hopefully get an answer for you tomorrow

      The BRM is lifted as follow:

      1. Generates $50 in rake+fee
      2. did a $100 deposit.

    • IngridN
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      Hi Ignatzzz,

      We have now escalated your case and will be back tomorrow with more information. Thank you for letting us know about your problem and please don't hesitate to post anytime regarding any topic :)

    • Hamlet77
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      I have been under the restriction too, but I have not had any problems registering to higher tournamentes with tokens.

      Actually, yesterday I won the token to next week's Wed $30K gtd with the buyin is $30+$3.... and now I am registered.

      Gl in solving that problem
    • Ignatzzz
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      Yeah, I also noticed that at least when they automatically register you to a certain tournament, there is no problem, but when you get a token that you can use on a day of your choosing, the problem exists. Anyway, the token went out of date already, so... well, winning today's PokerStrategy freeroll helps a bit :spade: :spade: :spade:
    • Janth88
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      I have deposited $100,but I also have been under the restriction.
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      Hi Janth88,

      After making the $100 deposit you must then contact the poker room in order to get the restriction lifted.

      Just contact their live support team and tell them you have deposited and they should lift your restrictions fairly soon.

      Kind regards,

    • hajrudin
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      i also registered with the token, maybe you were trying to register for a different tournament ?