How EPT ruined my plans and winning huge in roulette

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      Felt like writing, so here we go:

      Yesterday was day 1A in EPT Tallinn, Estonia, where I happen to reside. While Estonian poker and gambling is pretty well regulated, only legal poker action is casino based and finding a game outside of casino is pretty tough.

      Around 6pm I had an urge to play a poker tourney, so made a 5km trip to a casino, where there is a 10eur 90min unlimited rebuy tourney every Tuesday starting around 7pm. It was about 7ish, when I came, so it was a surprise how empty the place was and there were no poker tables even. The nice attendant explained that due to EPT, all dealers and tables were pulled from all except one casino to work on EPT. For an entire week (stupid tourists :f_frown: ).

      There was however supposed to be a tourney going on in our largest casino, in city center, 35 eur NLHE freezout and according to computer system there were around 30 seats out of 60 still free. I contemplated another 5km trip and decided to take it, since the desire to crack some aces was still very well present.

      Reality of Park Hotel Casino seemed to disagree with computer system - there were 20 people in waiting list to get in X( . Choice between admitting defeat and going 10km home VS hoping that 20 people bust out of freezout tourney within first 60 minutes was easy. I got a beer and went to try a sudden revelation – a bullet proof roulette system (more of that in the end).

      Anyhow, thinking positive worked out peachy: not only did I get a seat 10 minutes before the end of buying period, but was rolling pretty good, managing two crack KK twice and AA once. Sickest hand was towards end of the tourney, where I shoved with KJ, got calls from AJ and KK. Flopped a Q, then turn T and river A. Bathing in curses and angry stares is fun :s_biggrin: .

      Busted 5th for a sweet 170 eur payday. Kinda sucks knowing that first place was 760 eur, but pretty happy, having made “only” 2 large mistakes. I r happy camper.

      About roulette: I’m the wrong type of gambler, not liking to gamble without being certain to win, so roulette is obviously not really my game. But you get free drinks and I had time to kill, so I took 10 eur in 1 eur chips and tried my brilliant strategy: every time I bet the same 2 “squares”, so 8 numbers in total. Payout is 1+8 for hitting one of those 8 numbers, so I figured I was priced in to break even, if everything is dull and might turn a profit, if I beat the variance. Lol
      And I totally rocked! Won 4 eur after 30 minutes :f_p: . Don’t try this at home kids!
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