how to determine who´s a "reg"

    • qnb07
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      how do you figure out who the good regs are at your limit so you can avoid them?
      played one guy today at $7 level who had 11k winnings in hu and another guy who played $500 hus.
      the leaderboard on SS are only for $5-$15 so it doesnt really help since none of them are on the $7 level.
      i have a subscription for topshark so i can see if they are winners once i play them but thats not what i need.
      on FT there were leaderboards for hu. they may not have been biggest winners but at least had a lot of volume so you could see who plays the most and then look up their stats.
      is there some leaderboard that does this? i dont have SS subscription, are there more leaderboards once you pay?
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