which software for very useful statistics?

    • cekpirus88
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      hi guys !! I was watching a video of stealing and re stealing and there were some statistics on every player, like, aggression, the time that they limps, the percentage of the fold equity, etc... which is an easy program to use that can give you all the information with the main poker rooms: pokerstars, partypoker, pointbet, gdpoker... etc? is the program free? thanks
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    • Jim4rdo
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      Hi cekpirus88,

      I think what you're talking about is something like our elephant tool, which is completely free :) This gives you a HUD for your game which shows things like VPIP, PFR, aggression facts and steals.

      If that's what you're after, have a look at it, and you can watch this video to help you install it :)

      If I've got it wrong, give me a shout, and I'll help you out further!

      Best regards,

    • Zareos
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      Silly question given that the Elephant tool says: "these are the rooms supported" and then gives a list... but is there any way to get Bodog working on Elephant? I've been doing really well with just a pen and paper and figure such software could take me to the next level...

      Once I've cleared my bonus I'll be heading to PartyPoker anyway.