Hi guys!

I would like to share my experience at this room. (likes,dislikes)

1.) Game finder (NL100+ FR) - how many tables are usually up and filled up on (avg.)

There is around 10-30 FR tables filled up on NL100. (small amount in morning hours in European timezone). You also have 8 seats tables. (5-10avg.)

2.) Are the tables tight or loose (if you got any avg. percentages)vpip 20%-40%, players per flop %...

- (avg. 15-25$ pots)
- players per flop avg. % ( 15-20%)

Some fishes are on during week (but not that many) i personally think players there are pretty tight and alot of them multi table and know what they are doing)

tables with 8 seats are way loose and more profitable from my experience + there is more fishes there. Otherwise weekends are the best place to play at this room as there are more players who put more in the pot and also call more.

3.) Is there alot of shortstack players ?

Yep. (it will be one less tho cause im moving to another site) :p

4.) Can you multi table like at party poker ? Yes.
5.) Do they support PT and Acehud? Yep.
6.) Do they accept deposits and withdrawals with moneybookers? Yes.
7.) Is their bonus offer or rakeback value good and easy to clear at NL 100?

Their bonus is great 200% for $300 deposit. You also get VIP status and you get paid per month for that status ( i received 70$) + loyalty bonuses of about $10.

Bonus clearing when multi tabling around 9 tables at a time at NL 100 will still take u some time maybe around 1 or 2 months if you play for like 1 hour a day.

You also get tickets for depositors freeroll, saturday special freerolls (but i never used em as there is 1500+ players joining up fast and the prize doesnt seem to tempting) think its a waste of time ;p

It would be way better if it would run daily and have limits on players for maybe around 300 max :)