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    • Locke2394
      Joined: 05.08.2011 Posts: 5
      Just found out this website through a friend, sounds amazing! I've passed the test now im just waiting on that 50$ ;)
      From reading through the strategies it looks like it is mostly based for cash games. I prefer Sit N' Go myself but should I just stick to cash games only?
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    • RubyWesson
      Joined: 15.08.2010 Posts: 374
      Hiya there Locke2394,

      There is strategy articles and videos for most poker variants just take a little look here at the SNG articles

      I hope you enjoy your stay :D

      Best Regards
    • Locke2394
      Joined: 05.08.2011 Posts: 5
      Great thanks Ruby the videos are really good. Just one question for the starting hand chart
      What does Cap mean? go all in?
      and last question when is it a good time to start withdrawing any cash if I do happen to win some
    • Jim4rdo
      Joined: 03.10.2010 Posts: 1,252
      Hello there Locke2394 :)

      Welcome to the community! It's great you've taken the time to come an introduce yourself :) Where abouts are you from? I'm sure you'll be receiving the $50 in no time! But keep an eye on this page just in case you've been asked to provide ID (don't worry, it's only for verification!)

      Ruby Wesson has already given you the link to the articles for SnG's (thanks!), and if you read up on those you'll have increased your knowledge tenfold already ;)

      @ the link you provided, that starting hand chart is for fixed limit, which is completely different to SnG's where you'll be playing No limit Holdem, as a pose to Limit Holdem. This link is the one you want to be looking at, since it contains all basic info about SnG's and also a starting hand chart for them :)

      On the note of withdrawing cash, if you're wanting to learn, I would suggest you keep it all in there for now :) SnG's can be very high variance, in which case you need a larger bankroll to deal with the "swings" that you might encounter along the way. You'll learn about Bankroll Management (BRM) as you read the articles, it's very important!

      Any other questions you have, feel free to ask :)

      Best regards,