Everyone,every single person in this world had at least once ate something that his/hers stomach/digestive track didn't quite agree.Maybe it was just a fleeting belly ache,or something more serious like a toxi-infection.

I just had one of those problems two days ago.Surprisingly,eating ham,toast,tomatoes,cheese,garlic,quail eggs,a banana,a kiwi and a grapefruit in one single meal won't go so trouble-free through your inner tubes.

As you can see,nothing i ate was junk food.Far from it.And i'm careful with my hygiene so that can't be either.But it seems that the combination had high variance :f_biggrin: To be honest,in the back of my mind i was kind of "dude,are you sure you want to eat garlic too?" which i think sealed the deal.You can say i had a vision.I learned it from this

So,long story short,i will put a list here of all the food that i recall eating that gave me either toxi-infection or other related problems.If you want,you can put your 2 cents,to prevent us from eating the food/food combination and in return maybe you will add something to your list too:

You can rate it from 1-10,1 being a benigne reaction and 10 being hospitalization for one week and above.

1) eggs,tomatoes,cheese,garlic,ham,banana,kiwi,grapefruit. Rate:2

2) salad that was uncovered for one hour and i just saw a fly buzzing around it. Rate:4

3) braised sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) in excess (ate too much). Rate 5

4) watermelon + 1 litre of water. Rate:1

5) kebap on a summer day (this was actually my father,not me). Rate:8-was pretty brutal,my father lost like 7 kg's and hit the antibiotics + diet

So that's about all i can recall.Kind of a newb,eh?So it's your turn.Post your digestive bad beat :f_biggrin: and help the community!