[NL20-NL50] nl25 - AK tptk

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      $0.25 NL (9 max) - Holdem - 8 players

      BB: $31.74
      UTG: $31.44
      UTG+1: $24.70
      MP: $59.70 24/8/AF:1.4/3bet:3.3/ColdCall:22/WTSD:30/W$SD:52/FlopCheckRaiseW$SD:62
      MP+1: $24.94
      Hero (CO): $30.73
      BTN: $68.98
      SB: $52.58

      SB posts SB $0.10, BB posts BB $0.25, BB posts ante $0.05, UTG posts ante $0.05, UTG+1 posts ante $0.05, MP posts ante $0.05, MP+1 posts ante $0.05, Hero posts ante $0.05, BTN posts ante $0.05, SB posts ante $0.05

      Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero has A:diamond: K:diamond:

      fold, fold, MP calls $0.25, fold, Hero raises to $1.25, fold, fold, fold, MP calls $1.00

      Flop: ($3.25, 2 players) 2:diamond: A:spade: 2:spade:
      MP checks, Hero bets $2.25, MP raises to $4.50, Hero raises to $12.00, MP calls $7.50

      Turn: ($27.25, 2 players) 3:spade:
      MP checks, Hero bets $17.43 and is all-in, MP calls $17.43

      On that flop I am willing to go broke and if he has quads, good for him. Unfortunately he just calls my flop 3bet and the stack to pot ratio gets really awkward in case a spade hits. On the turn the worst card hits but I feel pot commited and think he would still call with AQ because of the stack to pot ratio. Still, should I just check behind turn to induce a river shove from AQ/AJ or should I actually just fold if he shoves the river?
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