first night legally going out in america

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      first night (legally) going out downtown in america. went to the minnesota twins game, drank alot there, went out with a friend after were just going to have a couple beers, we met these 2 girls, and ended up going with them to some other bar. Was supposed to go to their house, as we're walking there, i get a phone call from somone, i just had knee surgery so can't walk that fast and i end up distracted and lose the group.. i wander around for like 10 mins and realize while i was on the phone they were calling/texting me, so I finally call them back tell them i'm on some random road in a kinda sketchy residential road right next to downtown, they know where it is and are gonna come get me. i'm just sprawled on the sidewalk trying not to fall asleep, i see a police car turn onto the road way down, so for some reason i crawled under a super low pine tree so the police wouldn't see me. Next thing I know i am awake standing on the sidewalk talking to 2 medical people outside an ambulance, Don't remember waking up and standing just just like.. i hid under the tree and suddenly was talking to these people around 7 am still completely wasted, apparently someone called an ambulance because they thought i was dead or something. (happy they didn't call police!) I'm sitting there feeling like a retard, i was wearing shorts and a tshirt, legs, arms, tshirt is all black and nasty from sleeping in dirt. They ask if i have a phone, i say yeah, and they say you should probably call someone to come get you, I look in my pockets, no phone. Go dig around in the dirt to find my cellphone while they watch me. apparently they walked around looking for me for about 2-3 hours, and eventually gave up. He came and picked me up i got home at like 9 am. Fell asleep, woke up about 20 mins ago at 6pm. I was supposed to start working at 4 pm.

      -got super drunk and lost friends, fell asleep in dirt under pine tree
      -someone called ambulance to come see me
      -i get home go to sleep 9 hours and miss work
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