just some thoughts!!!

Must be now 00.01 a.m or something. My brother started play The Game so just wanted to introduce him NL-BBS on Titan poker. I myself don't play cash games but something I already know about NL-BSS. So I opened maybe 10 tables 10max at 0.01/0.02$ and after maybe 30min of playing I recognized this: 6-7 guys have stats like 13/11/2.3 (VPIP/PFR/AF) or around that. I'm written this because some time ago was thinking about playing cash on TITAN and now I would like to know if on medium limits this is also true ... up to 7 grinders per table!!? ... and Is there possible for beginners move up in limits pretty quickly with some knowledge or just have to play like maniac and 4-bet more often then those regs are 3-betting? just in case - worked very well to me while I was playing maybe one hour or just lil longer. what can U say about traffic on Titan?