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start over!

    • MMWalk
      Joined: 06.08.2011 Posts: 8
      Hi fokes, first i wanna thx u for this wonderful site.
      Well were to start, i played poker in some time now, and yesterday i got your 50$ and i was like wow nice and began to play today i have 0.45$ dollers back, you properly thing what the hell i am doing in here if i only play poker to loss all of it.

      Well my problem is i cant control my bank roll when i win i go to higher limits when i loss well guess what i do the same and bang i am at 0 (think a guy was glad yesterday lost 18$ to him)
      but i arnt in here to get help with this. Because i know i can control it i had the same problems when i did sports bet i was good at it but couldnt control myself in the right moments. I decide to do stuff right this time, so i am going to make and account on poker770 and get 7,7$ free i know it arnt 50$ but still.

      SO what i want help with is to be a better pokerplayer i know it has something to do with knowledge and skills. I know i can play poker and i could properly beat A LOT of thoes guys that i loss too. Normally i played freerolls and did it pretty well if you ask me, like i got 2 in a 40, around 300 in a 10000 and finely 217 in a 10000 and my own mistake i didnt got longer in that one.

      Well u guys proberly do this every day i mean get that long in a tournament!

      otherwise i like playing SnG and got a lot of help with the videos in here, my problem is just that i arnt 100 good enough to begin SnG yet and i cant do the stuff fast enough before the time ranch out.

      What u thing i should do start on normal poker keep going on with SnG? Maybe a person in here play on poker770 wanna join a tabel with me and maybe talk over skype to help, i mean like coach but still so he learn something too i mean u can learn by a better player then u and a good player can learn of other people too and why they thing that way.

      so yeah thx for reading this wanna give it a last try, if this arnt going the right way i simply stop then poker arnt my sport heeh, a last thing arnt going to make a deposit anywere at least no before i am in control to handel my own play. One last thing maybe it sound like in playing problems well not at all have never ever made a deposit because i know it didnt go well then :)
      And is it even possibelt to get anywere with 7.7$?

      -MMWalk sorry for my spelling english arnt my native language i am Dane so yeah :)
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi MMWalk,

      Sorry to hear that you've lost your starting capital.

      It does sound like a BRM (Bankroll Management) problem and realising this yourself and admitting it is a great start and credit to you for this.

      We cannot emphasis enough the importance of a sensible BRM, not only to ensure that you don't risk your whole bankroll, but also to ensure that you are making the most effective use of it.
      By following our recommended BRM, there should be no way that you go bust within just 1 day and I think from what you mentioned it seems that you were "chasing your losses" by moving up the levels when losing rather than down.

      Obviously it is vital that you sort out any leaks in your game, however small, on the lower micro levels before moving up as the standard of other players skill & experience only increases as you move up.

      When starting out in poker we would recommend that you spend as much time on the education material (PokerStrategy's strategy guides, educational videos, free live coaching etc) as you do actually playing poker.
      Background knowledge and techniques such as BRM, Bet Sizing etc are as important if not more so than actual experience at the tables.

      You might find re-reading the following Basic & Bronze strategy articles helpful, in particular the following:

      The Strategy: Psychology & Didactics section in particular is a great read to get into a good mindset before playing.

      In terms of which poker variant to play, this is of course entirely up to yourself. I would always recommend that you play the variant you are most comfortable with and the one you enjoy the most.

      This wall of text is probably enough for now, don't want to overwhelm you, but we are all here for you and hope to be able to help you to regrow and fine your game. Just ask if you have any questions and our helpful & experienced members, moderators & admins will be happy to help.

      Good luck & best regards,