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top 2 on the flop

    • marcepoker17
      Joined: 21.06.2011 Posts: 162
      hey guys,
      I play tournaments small buy in-50 cents 90 players. I have a lot of problem with this hand.
      It happen ofthen, I have a medium straight hand, es:A9o
      Big blind, none raise, 3 limps.
      flop 3A9- 2 spade. I raise 70% pot.
      Here I usually get a re-raise, most of the time it's an all-in.
      I know that in this micro buy in many players has max top pair, and many times, lets say 6/10, they have flash draws. Many times they don't even have a pair nor a draw.
      Now if my read is good I should be glad to go all in against someone that has at best 36% win agaist me.
      Well, I'm not! Every single time they get the card they need, sometimes they get runner runner.
      In this occasion he went all in on the flop with k2 spade. He got the spade on the river.
      I know it can happen once every 3 times, but for me with this hand(top 2 pair) it's at least 2,5 every 3!
      And I find it incredibly hard to fold with top 2 agaist some1 I'm sure, or quite, that he has just a draw.

      If I get suck out from a random j8o against my AA preflop I get angry, but I know I didn't have much choise.
      Is it the same situation here?
      Or I could play the hand in a different way?

      I fill a bit dumb here, I guess because it's after the flop so I have more information but is the information itself that brings me to call knowing that I'm the favorite!

      Let me know.
      Have fun
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    • yougotfelted51
      Joined: 04.02.2010 Posts: 1,276
      just keep playing solid poker and getting the money in good.
      the results will come :)
    • Pascal
      Joined: 11.01.2011 Posts: 875
      Originally posted by yougotfelted51
      just keep playing solid poker and getting the money in good.
      the results will come :)

      as you already analyzed yourself, you will have the best hand most of the times in that situation

      variance can be a bitch short terms but on the long run you will win such situations more often than lose
    • Gerovit
      Joined: 16.01.2011 Posts: 1,310
      Look at that this way:
      if you got beaten by 3 outer or even runner runner 2 out of three times so far next gazilion times you will win in a row and also you will suckout 2.5/3 times.
      So its like keeping your money in a safe, don't worry its yours and you will get it back :s_cool: