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    • ravenbad
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      Hello there. I`m posting here asking for any adivce you can give me and i can assure you it will mean a lot to me. I play sngs on stars and i`m currently passing through a disgusting period, losing over 75 BI in 4 days. I can`t win anything which is really annoying but that`s not the main problem. I want to ask you how do you deal with these situations beacause it`s clear for me that i can`t make a profit within this period.
      - I used to play 16-18 tables on a regular basis but this resulted into huge losing sessions so i decided to reduce the number of tables to 9 which ended in having a regular 4-5 bi losing session.
      - Should i continue playing like this? It`s obvious that i will not be able to have a winning session soon enough.
      - Should i move back to 16-18 tables and move down a limit ?
      - Should i play only one session / day and quit if things don`t change ?
      - I`m also trying to achieve supernova status and i really need a good volume of games but this will probably result in huge losing sessions each day.
      What do you suggest ? Any kind of advice is truly appreciated. Thanks.
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    • Agiz19
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      i suggest take a break for a few days , and play less tables at once for starters, but keep the volume, expand your session in time and not tables at once, it helps believe me been there. what sngs do you play? how many a day_ is it every day?

      moving down a limit i dont aprove because u will become more bad as a player if you are used to play higher, also been there, have seen it on my own game how drasticly winrate drops, when u go down a limit...and stay in focus plus the variance in sngs is high if you play the same all the time.
    • ravenbad
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      I play 30$ 9 players sngs and i`m running like this since the 27th of July and i`m using a BR of 200 BIs, currently grinding for the 60$ ones
    • extpan
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      take a break,read some psihology article and analyze your game in cooloff time