• Birdseye
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      Hi Folks

      Thought it would be rude not to introduce myself, my name is Dale and my nickname is Birdseye (as in the UK fish produce company).

      I was recommended here by a friend who I used to play with, but has now gone back to his home country.

      I am by far a better felt player than online but I hope with the articles and assistance from players on here I can improve my game online to a small steady source of income.
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    • Jim4rdo
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      Hello Dale!

      Welcome to our community :)

      It's great that you've joined us here, I'm sure you'll love it and make use of it! Who was your friend who recommended us? We might know him :)

      Have you taken our quiz to receive $50 free on one of the poker rooms listed on that page? If so where have you chosen?

      What poker do you play? SnG's, cash games? Or are you more of a tournament player? Anyway, we have articles for all of them, and if you want to know more/need help finding your way around all you have to do is ask :)

      Best regards,

    • Birdseye
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      Hi again :-)

      My friends name is cabron I think will need to double check he is from Portugal.

      I have indeed taken the test, I was quite surprised by the starting hands guide on how tight it suggests to play, I could never fold AQo mid position if there was 1 caller in front of me I'd be inclined to raise not fold.

      My chosen room was everest, but I've missed the last two calls from to verify my account due to being at work.

      I much prefer playing on felt than online and my live game is much better than my online, unsure if this is due to my opponents or reading people though.

      I mostly play tourneys in person of 20-50 people.
      I some times play cash but blinds of 50/£1 are way out of any bank roll I have. And the wins are more than the losses but it's easy to have a couple of bad sessions and be a few hundred into your profit down.

      Online I've tried cash sng and mmt. Best mmt was 3rd out of 500 but small stakes and priZe was only about $180

      I've come first in a few but they are very far and between.

      I'm unsure what I'd like to concentrate on first. Probably sng as the are quicker but I need to look at what the best games my $50 starting stack can be used for as I want to try and not have to deposit again.

      Thanks for reading and the welcome

    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey there Birdseye,

      If you want to never deposit again my main advice would be make sure you stick to good bankroll management many good players have gone bust from the lack of good bankroll management!

      You said you think you are gonna start by playing SNGs? let me link you to a few parts of the site i think will be helpful for you :)

      First of all our strategy articles section here you will find all the basics you need for getting started with SNGs and even if you already have experience its good to refresh your memory and go over the basics once in a while right?

      SNG strategy articles

      Secondly we have some great videos from our professional coaches for you for all game types, not sure how many are available to basic members but as soon as you unlock bronze status then you will have plenty to be going on with.


      If you visit the blog section you will find stories of our members who started right at the bottom at the lowest stakes and with hard work have shown how great for your game can be here is a prime example of this (there are plenty more SNG blogs too this is just the first that came to mind)

      lessthanthree Blog

      Also amongst the forums is a full section devoted to discussion of SNG strategy and hand evaluations these will play a major part in your game if you wanna make it to the high stakes

      SNG strategy section

      We have some software thats free to and helps with ICM what to do in the Push/fold stages of SNGs which you can find here,

      poker tools

      Think this covers everything mate if you get stuck though just shout for help

      All the best,
    • bringmecards
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      best of luck at the tables and welcome