[NL20-NL50] NL50 JJ vs BB cold 4bet

    • yougotfelted51
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      Villain is 16/14 (11% 3b) through 47 hands
      villain has started to 3bet vs me ip with a greater frequency

      my flop call is marginal, turbo table didnt allow me enough time to think.
      after villain checks flop behind, i discounted QQ-AA, AQ, AKs/AJs. at this point i feel his hands consist of 99-1010, AKo, and random 4b bluffs that have little equity. i feel i should check call turn, and fold to A or K river. but im unsure if he will bluff shove river after my turn cc.....

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.50(BB) IPoker
      Hero ($63.72)
      BB ($62.75)
      UTG ($55.62)
      CO ($56.02)
      BTN ($52.77)

      Dealt to Hero J:club: J:spade:

      fold, CO raises to $1.50, BTN calls $1.50, Hero raises to $6.50, BB raises to $12, fold, fold, Hero calls $5.50

      FLOP ($27) Q:club: 6:club: 4:spade:

      Hero checks, BB checks

      TURN ($27) Q:club: 6:club: 4:spade: 2:heart:

      Hero checks, BB bets $13, Hero raises to $51.72 (AI), BB folds

      Hero shows J:club: J:spade:

      Hero wins $50.35
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    • fivesky55
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      Hi yougotfelted51,
      Just my little opinion. Firstly, it is too little of hand stats of guessing his hand range. I think maybe he is just trying to squeeze there as everybody know, he have the most suitable squeezing position there since cutoff raise, button limp, u 3 bet and he trying to squeeze with 4 bet and isolating or punish the limper. If I play on your hand, I will be playing all in with him since you stated there 3bet vs you with a greater frequency. But you just made a cold call. It maybe a chance to letting him getting away if he didn't flop any and his ranges is quite wide.
      So on the flop, it is such unfortunate to come out queen high board with a flush draw that scares you. It is normal to check/call for since the original raiser was him. Anyway, he check later meaning that he shows weakness on his hand and the turn shows a deuce and still a safe card and won't help him either. Maybe you should bet on the turn for Value and Protection instead of checking there. If he call on the turn(but chances for calling seems only 10% since he show weakness on flop), maybe a check/call on the river is a good move.
      Let's say I am playing his hand, I will C-bet/Fold on the flop to represents I have a Queen or a Semi Bluff and even a Monster Pair there. I think it will totally scare you or maybe folding the best hand for me.

      Just some of my opinion and good luck at the table.

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    • Kaitz20
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      Prefer to shove pf with JJ, since imo that is not that good of hand that you can just call
      Postflop is fine. I would likely get all-in on the flop and at the same time c/rai turn seems also fine plan