Did I play it right?

    • Yffes
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      hey, played a 9,90$ 500 player tournament this saturday and need some feedback, I got to the final table and with some good cards made it to the final two. Here I had about 600k chips and my opponent had about 400k, but he was playing super agressive and pushed all in almost every hand, and with hands like K3o and Q9 i didnt want to risk it, after a while I had about 400k chips left in BB and i got somewhat good cards with A9o, he pushed all in and I had to call. He shows 89o and hits the 8^^

      So I wonder what you think, a fun fact is that i was at the 59th place out of 60 with 3 BBs left, going all in with KJ and beating aces;D
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    • matel17
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      Against maniac obviously your calling range widens. MTTs are known for their high variance so you will see a lot of 2/3/4 outers hitting.

      If you don't have it already download ICM Trainer from this site. Its in Strategy> Poker Tools