• nobutreally
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      Hi guys,

      My name is Ste and I come from Durham. Played poker professionally for last 3 years playing tournaments but after ridiculous amount of variance I finally decided to transfer over to the cash game arena with Poker770 on ipoker. Hopefully can get some help from some PS members.

      I love football and support Newcastle United. My hobbies involved Nandos, beer and women (in reverse order) looking forward to becoming active in this (what looks like) great community.

      Ste :s_cool:
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    • IngridN
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      Hey Ste,

      Big Welcome to our community!

      Lots of information, me like :)

      You definitely came to the right place, our members are very friendly and will get you through any topics you may struggle with! :heart:

      [quote]Originally posted by nobutreallyMy hobbies involved Nandos, beer and women[/QUOTE] <<- butnoreally! :D tell us moooooar!

      Since you've been playing poker before, I guess our quiz was a piece of cake to pass right? Which articles are you reading right now and where do you think you'll need some help with your game?

      Looking forward to see you becoming active in the English community

      ps: supporting Newcastle United? I know not only one but 2 people who will come post here in a speedy light once they see your thread :)
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Although nandos is nice how on earth do you make it a hobby :f_love:

      Seriously though welcome mate its good to have you here (even if you are a newcastle fan)

    • MarcPS
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      welcome to the community!

      Toon Toon!
    • bringmecards
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      best of luck at the tables and welcome