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well lets start this blog =)

    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: ME, MYSELF AND I....... AND YOU OFC =) :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Well, my name is Peter and i am from Slovenia, i am 27 years old, currently without a job (studied Economy and finished successfully.. if you are wondering =) . Likes to go in gym 3 times a week (altough i have big bones... =) )) hehe.. and you might have guessed, that i like to play poker...

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: ...HOW ALL POKER THING STARTED... :club: :diamond: :heart: :spade:

      I cant really remember how i started playing poker but i think it was on bwin with freerolls along along time ago, but nothing serious and without any discipline. Poker was a way of fun and laugh... :s_biggrin:

      Soon i discovered PKR, wow that was awsome (well for fish like me, when that slooooooooooooow play was great)... and uhhh, i remember =) ...

      :spade: :heart: my first succes on PKR, won a 10$ freeroll.... yay :s_love: :heart: :spade:

      Then it was playing poker for fun, and here and there i woke up in the morning and dreamed how good it would be if i will be successfull player (winning) and earn a bit of extra on the side... I guess i dont need to say, i was crushed soon, realizing that becoming winning player takes a lot of practice, patience and time... but i lack patience... :D ...

      Well, after few deposits for around 30€ i am now (finnaly) became a disciplined, i play poker each day from around 17.00 - 23.00 trying to read forum and watch videos, i even will join free coaching and try my best...

      ...TO BECOME WINNING PLAYER, WHICH I STILL AM NOT (i know you were asking yourself already, when i will type my winnings,... :D )

      Enough talk, lets do business :s_cool: ...

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: HERE IS MY PROJECT: :club: :diamond: :heart: :spade:

      current BR: 18,54$
      poker room: Everest Poker
      what i play: i am playing MTT freerolls from poker strategy and SNG turbo (0.50 BI), 6max... in general MTT and SNG

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: HOW IT WENT TILL NOW... :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Deposited 10$ a week ago, finished 100$ daily in 4th place, another one in 35th place and others around 200th place. Br was already 23$ but now it is 18.54....

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: WHAT WILL I DO TO KEEP YOU INTERESTING IN READING MY REPORTS :club: :diamond: :heart: :spade:

      I will post blog every day end of the day and type brief report how it went and what is BR end of the day. When Elephant will work on Everest for SNG (god i hope soon) i will start link graph also.

      the report will be adressed like this, so you will find it easy for each day among all the comments :tongue:

      :spade: :heart: REPORT FOR 25.25.2555 :heart: :spade:

      :spade: I bet someone asked, why am i doing this? :spade:

      It will keep me motivated, i hope ppl will read this, suggest me, support me, even critique is welcome and finnaly hope the road will take me to winning and successfull player....

      So let the action begin, first report is tomorow =) , i hope i will keep you interested in reading this, i think with help from you all i can succeed and reach my goals. Till tomorow, have a great dreams...
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    • NIVEKii
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 1,138
      Hello Perolord,

      Welcome to our blogsection! Pretty long (that's good!) opening post, liking your use of the smilies a lot :) . Keep us informed on your journeys!

      All the best,

    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      :spade: :heart: REPORT FOR 8th of august 2011 :heart: :spade:

      Sooo.... it has been a sunny day, i woke up around 7, made myself some coffee... hehe joke :D ......

      Well my poker session started at 6 pm and ended few minutes ago. So here is a quick brief what i have done today:

      Current balance: 15.53$

      played 17 SNG, won 6 times, sucked 11 times.. ;(

      played 100$ freeroll, finished in 97th place

      joined coaching session at 19.00 and at 22.00

      IF I THINK ABOUT SESSION.... I am not very happy with it. The thing i realized is, that i am playing far too loose for SNG and are getting into bets far to early. For example i was pushing all in with JJ, QQ... mid stage, with around 1.3k chips... which i think is wrong, thinking that any A or K beats me... So i am feeling like a :f_mad:

      So lesson learned for tomorow and days after...

      I will play more tight, think about hand i get and not push All in so often.

      Thats it for today, join me tomorow :D . Comments are more than welcome =) .
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      :spade: :heart: REPORT FOR 11TH OF AUGUST :heart: :spade:

      So its 2nd bad day in a row, i think i could name it that :) .

      So quick brief is:

      Current balance: 13.99

      I played 18 SNG, won 8, sucked 10 times

      I finished 100$ freeroll in 73th place...

      Thinking about session... all in all i think it went pretty good, i was thinking about lesson i learned yesterday, but still was pushing here and there - need to improve that. All in all i think i was more successfull was already winning more than loosing, but then it went down. Cant really think other reason that i lost against good pairs - preflop. For example KK, AA... but got cracked...

      Another thing i realized is, im playing very bad in late phase on bubble play. In many tournaments i am among chip leaders in early-mid stage, but as blinds raises and late stage come i somehow loose all chips, trying to beat short stackers with AJ, AK.. but somehow they call with 25 or all other cards.. and luck is not on my side.

      As for it is now i need to improve:

      - pushing with pairs in early stage
      - improve bubble play
      - improve late stage play

      Thats it for today, any comments, suggestions on my improve list will be welcome, cause i need some tips in that... Bye Bye. :f_cool:
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      So guys =) good morning here in my country =) .

      You were probbably saying to yourself already..."ahh, he quit posting this blog,..etc,etc". I have anwser for you, NO i did not quit posting on this blog =) .

      On FRIDAYS there will be no report, because i usually go out with my friends to relax, talk, sometimes get drunk (but not often), therefore there is no session on fridays. But it will be today late in the night, so prepare yourself!!!! =)

      Today i have epic weekly tournament, 100$ freeroll tournament and SNG as ussual.

      Oh and btw, just as i was talking about bubble play, next morning i got over this article which will be worked on today before session.

      Here it is :

      Thats it =) join me later tonight, when i will review my session. Have a great sunny day.
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      :spade: :heart: REPORT FOR 13TH OF AUGUST :heart: :spade:

      Soo, todays session was again not successfull. All in all it was not that bad, but my BR is starting to suffer.


      Current balance: 11.45
      played 18 SNG: lost 11 of them, win 7
      tournaments went bad today
      achived silver status (already yesterday)

      First of all, i think i was not so concentrated during the session, started pretty good, lost 1 won 3 in a row then, but then it all went down...

      Still got feeling that i play too much in early/mid stage, but then if i dont, blinds get me... So i must play it very wrong somewhere, that i am not starting to win those SNG-s. But i too got cracked today with some very fishy hands from my opponents.

      Anyway, looking a few days back, i now have more videos to watch, more coaching sessions to join, that means if i stay on right track, in time the results must come...

      Not feeling bad tbh, just i want to start doing some results.

      Thats it for tonight, join me tomorow =) , please comment, i would be very glad to see someone is reading this =) . NN.
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      :spade: :heart: REPORT FOR 14TH OF AUGUST :heart: :spade:

      Hey all who still read this blog =) .

      So my session started around 19.10 because of some guests with which we had a great time =) . Anyway, here is the quick brief report for today:

      current balance: 10,58
      played 8 sngs: lost 3, won 5
      broke the rule here, registered for 2k guaranteed for 2.20$, finished 186
      forgot that i am not yet registered on daily 100$ and missed it
      played epic qualifications, but no success

      So, if i would not broke the rule with 2.20$ i would have 12,60$, so it is a good day i can say. So won more than lost, well thats good and i am looking forward on tomorow =) .

      What have i learned today... i was playing only 2 sng at the time thats why a bit less SNG, but i had more success, which made me think that i may not be so concentrated on 3 SNG + occasional tournament... so i will try to play 2 SNG tomorow again.

      Thinking of session i think i did not made any stupid mistakes or repeating them. Tomorow will be bit longer session than today and we will see how it goes.

      Thank you, join me tomorow =) , have fun.
    • tofu22
      Joined: 18.10.2008 Posts: 659
      hello to slovenia from slovenia. your blog seems a bit lonely at the moment so i felt inclined to write something, it's a good start so just keep on going, writing a blog probably is a good way to motivate yourself, but i wouldn't know.

      i also used to play sngs on everest a long time ago. sngs aren't for me, you have to play a lot of them to get any sort of noticable results, but i think they are a great way to learn. can't help much with strategy, but i can suggest not to think about short term results too much, lots of variance in sngs + maybe deposit a bit more money so you don't have to play so scared with your 10$.

      also if you put a lot of energy into study + hand review ... the results will come sooner or later, this i think is most important. i've heard/read the coaches saying/writing that at the begining it's more important to study and build up your basics than it is actually to play, i hope i heard correctly.

      vso srečo in LP
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      Hey =) . Thx for your support and reply. Well i know this blog is lonely, but i hope it will keep me motivated for bit longer, although i am starting to feel that i am writing to myself =) .. better to type it in Word then =) hehe.

      Ty for advice and Vso srečo 2u2 =) .. GL
    • Perolord
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 15
      So i have not quit poker =) i just dont play SNG anymore...

      Two days ago i lost 7 in a row, got pissed off, my BR was 6,5$ and went afk for like 30 mins came back, decided to play SH cash games 0.03, 0.05 and well...

      in two days my BR is now 44$.... so i am excited and very very eager to play... i hope the results start to show a bit after 4 years of playing poker... i just hope...

      Wont be reporting here anymore, because i stopped SNG project, but will post in success thread if i push my BR over 100$= )..

      Thank you for support, all readers and i hope it has not been the most boring blog on this site =)

      bye bye.
    • Avataren
      Joined: 28.04.2010 Posts: 1,753
      your obviously on a heater. DONT TILT When the downswing comes. you have made it to a healthy micro br from a nano one. dont ruin that :) good luck
    • michellecip
      Joined: 29.05.2011 Posts: 2,420
      Nice upswing you got there sir ! Keep up the good work and don't forget to stop when you see that you're loosing.Don't forget: "Tomorow is another day !"
      Good luck in your new quest !