[NL2-NL10] NL10SH playing QQ

    • SillySaurus
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      Seat 1: vul2ra ($10.18)
      Seat 2: Hero ($25.49)
      Seat 3: TOMIJOAN ($9.94)
      Posts small blind $0.05
      Seat 4: CompassRose ($3.70)
      Posts big blind $0.10
      Seat 5: Quiztor1 ($8.99)
      Seat 6: frank123466 ($12.55)
      Dealt to Hero
      Q :heart: Q :club:

      Preflop: (Pot: $0.15)
      FOLD frank123466
      RAISE vul2ra, to $.40
      RAISE Hero, to $1.20
      FOLD CompassRose
      FOLD Quiztor1
      RAISE vul2ra, to $2.20
      CALL Hero, $1.40

      Flop: (Pot: $5.35)
      K :spade: A :diamond: 10 :spade:
      BET vul2ra, $2.60
      FOLD Hero

      Villain: VPIP 22 / PFR 18. Seemed like a std TAG player.

      My thoughts:
      I wanted to see the flop, and if there was no A or K I would make a big bet and have no problem going allin because I would feel more secure. If an A or a K came I would check/fold like I did.

      Was this an okay decision or should I have gone allin preflop? Sometimes I go allin preflop, but that is only if I see the player has a high VPIP.
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