FR to SH looking for Study partners

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      I got the idea while replying to another post, i am currently transforming from NL25FR on FTP (havent played seriusly since =(..... to SH at Stars, i think i'll be starting at NL5 NL10 ...

      if anyone is making/has made this change and wants to talk strategy, hands, analyze sessions... *NO SWEATING... (was gonna name the thread FRtoSH Study Group) however dont think alot of ppl are lining up o join groups now, =/

      we could use Skype and Mikogo to veiw and disguss each others hands, and problem spots of the day/week whatevr feels right, record and reveiw each others sessions, point out articles and reading material/videos... and such...

      I think this would really help evryone involved, and have decided to go out of my way to try and find ppl interested since non of my real life friend plays poker seriusly,

      If anyone thinks they could benefit from this suggestion, feel free to make friend invitation and i will send you my skype and we can arrange to talk and spin it from there, i am open to most suggestions =)
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