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Confessions of an MTT/MTSnG Pro.

    • Semesa
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 294
      Note: By pro, I mean that I play for a living, I am not claiming to be a pro level player, not even close :)

      Anyone who has read my thread in the "Successes" forum will already know this, but for the sake of clarity I will start with a small introduction.

      My name is Semesa, I started playing poker on my 18th birthday, June 1st 2008, which is, incidentally, the date I signed up to pokerstrategy.

      I spent the first year or so of my poker career short stacking on Ipoker and learning to play 10 man STT's. I never really got very far, and after moving my roll to stars in 2010 after a fairly extended break, I basically moved from game to game trying to find something that really appealed to me. I ended up around break even at all games ranging from HUSnG to 6max cash. I had a few nice wins in MTT's, but lost a lot of that trying to learn NL50HU and running 28BI below EV over 30k hands.

      On May 21st I started a stake for 180man MTSnG's on pokerstars. I had no experience at these but was somewhat obsessive about improving, and as a result, went from $2.50's to $15's in about a month.
      I started mixing in MTT's about a month ago with some good results. A 4th in the $11r 70k Guaranteed and a 1st in the $162 Nightly 40k Guaranteed has boosted my bankroll significantly. That being said, I'm still playing pretty much the same stakes/games that I always have.

      In the first 2 months since I started the stake I have accumulated $35k profit. Of that, I kept around $22k.

      This is my graph from May 21st to July 31st:

      Unfortunately all is not roses in grindville. Since my first somewhat significant MTT cash, I've hit something of a downswing. Dropping roughly 4k in August so far. A giraffe for your viewing pleasure:

      In this blog I intend to post updates daily, but I may forget from time to time.

      I will post some interesting hands, explain why I made a specific shove or fold, and hopefully give you guys some insight into how 180's play while also keeping myself on track.

      I've decided to remove MTT's for the most part and focus on 180's exclusively as I feel that my 180 game has suffered as a result of me playing too many different game types.

      At the end of July, I was playing 30-35 tables, mixing turbo MTT's, regular speed MTT's, assorted 3x turbo satellites, rebuy 180 man's, and freezeout 180 man's. Each different game type requires a different strategy, and trying to keep up with so many probably caused me to miss a lot of spots that I would not otherwise have.

      Anyways, thats all for now, I'm quite tired and I have a student in roughly 7 hours. Eat time, then sleep time. Will update tomorrow after my session.
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    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Hey Mate,

      Congrats on your run, I'll be following your blog,

      Basically since may i've been playing 45's and 180's had some success as well but was basically under-rolled for the levels I was playing, Im starting again from scratch playing 45' 50cents I hope to be back at the 1.50's 45's soon then back to $2.50's

      Been watching you play heaps mate, I agree, probably best to focus your sessions more depending whats on rather than trying to play everything. When your big tourney's come up you wanna cut down everything because If you run good in these mtt's your bank roll will be sky high again. Your winning sats which is good keep it up.

      Watch the pro's see what there doing, Rabbits a freak agreed with heaps of tables but milf, baza dsave, ibluffheaps seem to have sng sets running only when not in decent mtt's

      Anyways Im from Tassie, self employed so got alot of time for poker. trying to improve roi and volume at the moment, my hu play is strong as im sure yours is from your background in HU which is crucial imo. My trouble seem to be bubble and final table play, practicing ICM lots but I think majority just running bad, you can see my results - Yevbroom on officialpokerrankings and see im a bubble boy. Going to start my blog soon, "Quest to be a Finisher" keep your eye out for it.

      Anyways as for your volume, can you keep us updated on how much rakeback and fpps your getting using spending as my goal is to be a rakebackpro eventually i think it helps if its worth it. Any advice on point grinding would be uuber.

      Gl at the tables

      Yevbroom or Wazza :)
    • fivesky55
      Joined: 27.08.2010 Posts: 61
      Hi Semesa,
      Nice to see your blog here and trying to subscribe if it is allowed me to do so. My friends call me Five and I live in Malaysia, a country somewhere in Asia if you don't know. I have been grinding for a whole year looking for a game that most suitable for me, but failed on Cash Games and Sngs too. Maybe mostly I have more interested on playing Schedule Mtts and always looking and surfing everything that could improves my MTTs game.
      Just as everybody outside, I hope to play poker for living as I only play and learned part time now. Actually on MTTs, I think I still got a quite ok result for me, but still lots outside to improve and keep learning from some live coaching or some articles outside. Although I have around 19% figure ITM on MTTs and kept improving, but what made me annoying was difficult for me getting to late phase or around 27 left or even Final Table. I really looking everywhere and won't missed out any articles that can lead me to success.
      Hoping and appreciate that what have you post here could help and lead me to further success of my MTTs game.

      Regards and Good Luck at the tables.
    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      Nice first graph!! Im sure the second graph will pick back up!! Looks like your a pro to me :P

    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      bump! updates imo :D
    • ulairiiii
      Joined: 13.07.2011 Posts: 519
      good job.keep it have an admirer
    • Semesa
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 294
      Had a bunch of stuff on and completely forgot about this blog.

      So basically since I last posted:

      -Started a backing arrangement with a new backer for high stakes MTTS

      -Improved a lot

      -Got a new daily profit record on 4 different occasions, new "largest score" 3 times

      -Hit the 100k mark.

      -Hit #100 in the World PLB ranking on Pocket 5's.


      Uploaded with

      I'm currently living in Dunedin, New Zealand. Some friends invited me over so I decided to stay here for a month, then I'm off to live in London for 6 months just before New Years. Other than that, I feel like I'm improving daily, I've been having some really interesting battles with Chris Moorman and GMvalter, who I always seem to get deep with in big tourneys.

      I got my first 5 figure score early November when I took down the 109r iPoker super tuesday for 12k, then a few days later I came 6th in the iPoker 200k for 8k, got very unlucky, getting it in AQ < A4 for about 25bb effective. Winning that hand woulda given me a 2:1CL over 2nd place.(I was already 1st) A few days after that I binked the Big $162 for 17k, and a week after that I won the 55r 44k on a sunday for 21k(chopped HU then KQ > TT to win) making my total profit from November 1 to December 1 around $60,000.
      Its been a wild ride going from BE in $5 STT's to top 100 in the world rankings in half a year, hoping I continue the trend and hit top 10 by December next year, thats the plan anyways.

      New goals:

      250k profit by June.

      Top 10 on Pocketfives by December 2012

      Stop forgetting about this blog
    • dannywratten
      Joined: 11.05.2010 Posts: 1,462
      buuump, more sicko upswing giraffes please :)