What am I doing wrong? NL10SH

    • SillySaurus
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      I played for around 30k hands on the welcome tables on partypoker which is very soft. I did really good and decided to try out 6max tables instead. I started out with a little nl4, and switched
      to nl10sh around hand 35k, so last 15k hands are nl10sh.

      It has been a rough ride though, and I have been on a downswing, and I hope some of you could help me find the leaks in my play from the stats and graphs I am posting.

      Graph for all my hands:

      Stats for NL10SH:

      Stats for NL10SH2:

      Graph for winnings and EV for NL10SH:

      Graph for winnings and EV for NL10SH in bbs:
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    • vmarqui
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      you must be doing a lot of things wrong. i doubt playing 13/11 in SH is profitable. the thing is, when you play SH, you need to play a lot of hands and put yourself in hard spots where you can make wrong decisions. so, what's the solution? MOVE TO FR. lots of fishes there who don't care about you being a 9/8 player, they will pay you off anyway.
    • SillySaurus
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      Im not playing 13/11, I'm playing 21/18. 13/11 is overall. I played fullring in the beginning but switched to SH after beating the welcome tables at partypoker. SH is where the future is, so I just wanted to play that.

      But 21/18 are my NL10SH stats and the stats highlighted. :)
    • Skruve04
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      just typical downswing, or variance...
      if you played FR and got success then play it till you get skyrocket limits.

      Review your sessions or some who can help you with it.
      You can sort it out its just coin, bad play or cooler. or something else..
      I Think that will help you with your game.
      Read something about mental game..
    • Zhusy
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      Try exploring why are you so over EV from hand 26k-34k.
    • pzhon
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      Most of your stats look good. I think you might be overdefending the small blind. It's in the worst position and you hardly get a discount from the blinds. Then you are folding very often to continuation bets. That doesn't seem profitable, although it could be ok in multiway pots. You might want to break down your stats by position. You should lose from the blinds, but you should recover at least half of the blinds, and perhaps more like 70%.

      By the way 15k hands leave you with only a very vague idea of your win rate. If you are playing short-handed with a standard deviation of 90 bb/100, then a rough 95% confidence interval for your win rate after n hands is your observed win rate +- 1800/squareroot(n) hands. After 15k hands, you might estimate that your win rate is -5.8 +- 14.7 bb/100. So, you don't have strong statistical evidence that anything is wrong. Half of your losses appear to be bad luck after getting all-in, too.