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SnG HeadsUp MultiTable?

    • nzmklc
      Joined: 04.05.2007 Posts: 43
      Hi guys,

      after a comeback to the poker tables (played mainly Razz and Ace-to-five lawball triple draw for a year before that) and trying out which form of poker best suits my playing style, I discovered that I'm by far best in heads-up SnG's (I'm playing on FullTilt and the rake's too high to play HU cash IMHO).

      So my question is, I know a lot of you play 6-12 tables at once in regular limit or even nl ring games. I tried playing 9x 9-ppl-SnGs at once but found out that I make maximum profit while playing 3 at once. I was asking myself if any of you have experience with MULTIPLE NL HeadsUp Hold 'em SnGs at once? I imagine it to be rather hard. I really take my time in HU play, and even tho I play very tight and disciplined in ring games (still I dont make enuff profit there, but that's another topic), I dont really believe in SHCs in HU - so I really act to the situation every single time in HU and I'm pretty successful with it so far (22 wins 6 losses).

      I'm providing all this extra information so you can see that I'm not playing like a machine - but I still want to improve my $/h by improving the amount of my tables.

      Any help is appreciated!
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    • ManniXXX
      Joined: 05.09.2007 Posts: 707
      Problem with heads up is that your involved in every single hand, where as a full ring you have time where you aren't doing anything after you fold. I think this limits the amount of tables you could sucessfully multi. That being said I don't think 9 would be impossible it would just be very very hectic and you'd have be sure of your game. 6 would be more manageble, maybe start at 4 and work your way up.

      As for actual play I can't advise, I'm used to heads up play in push or fold mode where the blinds are massive which obviously won't be the case for a HU match.
    • whipflip15
      Joined: 25.11.2006 Posts: 284
      If you are playing HU SNG as a beginner you must start with only ONE table. The very successful HU players tend to play 2-4 tables. Above four i suboptimal.