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      Hello everyone, my name is Klaidas and i`m from Lithuania :) i was playing poker for a while in partypoker room, had a bad time there and got busted :/ Didn`t want to invest anymore into poker so I started playing freerolls because i`m pretty good tournament player, but still had a really bad time in partypoker room ;/ So i thought i need to try another room which has some freerolls, so i tried Triobet , first tournament and won 10 euros for 4th place. played some sit n go`s and got my bankroll to 20 euros, today i started playing 2,5 euro 6 man sit n go`s and got my bankroll to 70 euros, that`s pretty good for me, 50 euros in one day :)

      Also ,anyone knows how to check my sng graph in triobet room? because i didn`t find out how to check it yet and i really want to see how i`m going :)

      P.S. Sorry for my bad english grammar, I dont have time to write everything without mistakes at the moment :)

      P.S.S. I`m planning to move my br to pokerstars , anyone knows what code should i use to get a nice bonus?
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