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how do you evaluate these 3 hands?

    • cekpirus88
      Joined: 16.06.2011 Posts: 441

      1) I have pocket JJ blinds, 50-100, I am in MP2 none raised before me, I raise 600, after me the guy re raise to 2000, I called. everyone folded.
      the flop is the best for me

      J 9 2

      I am the first to talk I bet 4000, the pot, I feel comfortable but I do not want to lose for a flush...
      after he showed me A K...

      2) I have A 9 early position
      blinds 50-100
      I raise 300 in early position. 3 people call including the BB.
      the board is
      9 5 3
      i feel very comfortable with the board and I bet 300, everyone folded except the BB.
      turn 7

      he checks I bet 300,
      river J

      he checks and I check too...

      3) I have pocket KK in middle position, one player in early position raise (blinds 75-150) he makes 600, I re raise to 4000 everyone folds, he folded too....

      1)I feel that sometimes I am too aggressive or too passive
      2) one guy gave me the advice to bet more... he said that in this case I should bet more because he was seeking the straight and with top pair ad kicker I should have bet a bit more.
      3) here I was too aggressive but sometimes if you play too loose people call with A T or small pocket pairs....

      how do you evaluate these hands?

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    • Hamlet77
      Joined: 16.12.2008 Posts: 271
      I think to specifiy the buyin level would ad value to your questions for those willing to answer
    • Solidius
      Joined: 27.12.2010 Posts: 209
      I think that you missed something very important. Yours and your villain's stack sizes.
    • jaxtraw
      Joined: 25.05.2011 Posts: 177
      Hey Op,

      Yeah very important to post the amount of yours and opponent's chip stacks. As you can imagine betting 300 with a 2000 chip stack will have a much different effect than betting 300 with a 20,000 chip stack.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      In hand 1, all of the money is supposed to go in if your opponent has a flush draw, since he reraised preflop and is very likely to have 2 overcards if he has a flush draw. A flush draw and 2 overcards is often a favorite over one pair. So, if he has a flush draw, betting doesn't change anything. If he has an overpair, it is likely that all of the money will go in, too, so betting doesn't change anything. Betting the pot prevented your opponent from making a continuation bet with a hand like AK or 88. These have 0 outs against your set. I think you should check to your opponent. If he checks behind and a third card of the suit comes, it's still very unlikely that he has a flush.

      In hand 2, you raised to 300, then you bet 300 into a pot of at least 1200, then you bet 300 into a pot of at least 1800. It is more normal to bet in proportion to the pot. Betting in proportion with the pot, say 1/2 pot or 2/3 pot, is usually a more powerful play whether you are betting for value or for bluffing.

      Since you have underbet your hand by so much, you can bet on the river for value and expect to get paid off by hands like 88 or 98 or T9.

      Also, usually don't raise with A9 in early position. Usually just fold.

      In hand 3, reraising to 4000 is out of proportion with the pot. A pot-sized raise would be 1425 on top of calling 600, since the pot would be 1425 if you called 600. Raising to 4000 is ok if that is all-in, though, since then a pot-sized raise to 2025 would be so much of your stack that you would be committed.