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      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: Hello 2 All GrinderS Out There :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: I am a 21 years old SnG & MTT grinder on PokerStarS. Sincer February i've been playing 2.50$ 180man Turbo and some Micro MTTs. I have 2 MTTs FTs but no win. I start this blog because i lost my motivation for playing poker. I made a little profit but i cashed out because i wanted to solve some small problems in my life so at the moment i'm still stuck on 2.50$ 180man turbo. Now i want to regain my motivation, to improve my game and start a study group, also i want to climb up the limits. The study group has to be 8 players max including myself that want to grind up and climb up the limits. For more details you can add me up on skype: PhpAlphaPS. My Pokerstars NickName: PhpAlpha. :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      :spade: Short Term Objectives ( 3 months ): Regain motivation, videos, articles. A bankroll to grind 2.50, 3.50+R, 8, 15. NO TILT !
      :diamond: Mid Term Objectives ( 6 months ): Become a good regular on 180man turbo on every limit and be profitable.
      :club: Long Term Objectives ( 1, 2 years ): Give up SnGs and start playing NL200- Nl1000 6max. One EPT, One Eureka, One WSOP.

      :heart: Last 360days All SnGs Stats:

      :heart: Last 360days All Scheduled MTTs Stats:

      :heart: I will post hands when i will make HH reviews.

      :heart: I hope to receive good feedback on this blog. Stay Posted and Good Luck At The Tables.

      Kind Regards,

      :club: The Alpha Fish. :club:
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    • Zareos
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      Personally, I'd kill for $3,000 profit over a year as I'm still learning in the micro stakes...

      I hope you get your motivation back because your profitability is excellent.

      Good luck!
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      :spade: I'm back in B... It took me some time to get my motivation back, but now i got it so i try to enjoy it, but curently after my break period, i'm in a downswing. It isn't because i play bad, i made some serious HH reviews, a whole lot of them before i started playing and after that, it's just pure variance, but it will past and the poker gods will make it rain for me.
      My target for the moment is to get my groove on, to play my A-B+ game, to fix my style of playing ( i'm experimenting some stuff at the moment ). Regarding money, i know it's not quite ok to fix money targets, but i could really use a new pc and a comfy chair for long grinding sessions.
      So, that being said, the Alpha Fish is Back in B. and so is this blog so stay posted.

      Kind regards and good luck @ the poker pixels on your screens,
      :f_cool: PhpAlpha :f_cool:
    • phpalpha
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      :spade: I try to improve my game and to burn out some volume, but for now i'm happy with my results. 2 days in a row on the + side and i want'em to keep coming :s_biggrin:
      :spade: Great Track: -> Dev- In the Dark ( Proper Villains REMIX )
      :spade: Kind Regards,
      PhpAlpha :spade: