problem with pokerstars and pokertracker

    • cekpirus88
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      hi, i have just downloaded the free version of pokertracker 3, trial period 60 days. I just started to understand how to use it, and I was updating the hud every single hand, after 30 minutes of playing, with ONLY 1 TABLE , i just played a 2nd table for minutes I receive the following message:

      The maximum allowed number of observed PokerStars hands has been reached.
      No more observed hands will be imported until 30 minutes have passed and PokerTracker is restarted.
      This is a PokerStars requirement and only affects your observed tables.

      do you know why?
      is possible because I use the trial period?
      maybe I should update the statistic every 3-5 hands?
      do you have any hint how to solve this problem?

      thanks very much
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