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$Usd Ev

    • w4terman
      Joined: 04.04.2011 Posts: 757
      Hello i would like to know what the &USD EV column means when its + and when its -.

      can i make any usefull conclusions from this stat ?

      etc .
      hands 548 $usd 5,94 $usd/hr 4,66 $usd ev 5,18

      my guess is that &usd ev shows how much money you won or lost in that session while you was allin but i am not sure if that correct.

      thank you
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      The EV column adjusts for all-in luck. This is just one of many forms of luck, and so the adjustment is typically small for big stack cash game players. It make a lot more of a difference for tournament players, where 400 adjusted tournaments might be as reliable as 1000 unadjusted tournaments. In cash games, it might converge a little faster to your true performance level but ignoring the stat is fine.

      Suppose you get all-in as a 70-30 favorite in a $20 pot so that if you lose, you are up $100, and if you win, you are up $120. Before the cards are dealt, the average amount you expect to have is $100 + 0.70 * $20 = $114. If you win, the software says you have had $6 of good luck. If you lose, the software says you have had $14 of bad luck. On average, the adjustment is 0, regardless of whether you are the favorite or the underdog.

      There are many other sources of luck other than whether you get lucky after you get all-in. Sometimes you get bad hands. Sometimes the flops are good before you get all-in. Sometimes your opponent doesn't have a hand good enough to pay you off. So, even if a program says you were lucky after you got all-in, this doesn't mean you were lucky for the session, or over 50k hands. It's just a slight improvement to factor out that type of luck.