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FR 3betting w/ 22-99

    • Rhymenoceros
      Joined: 27.04.2010 Posts: 97
      I play NL10 FR atm

      I recently watched a coaching session which was SH for silver on stars , where a blind vs BU steal spot came up.

      Hero has 77 in the BB,
      BU raises , SB folds,

      action is on hero and we 3bet.

      What I wanted to know is: does the same logic apply to FR games?

      Should we be three betting more frequently against steals vs those with hi fold to 3bet%

      Up until now I have just been cold calling IP and OOP w/ 22-99 when the call 20 rule is met. I understand that in FR games we often have the opportunity to get into a MWP, flop a set and win a big pot, therefore the implied odds (in general) are usually much better than in SH games.

      However when we are in a steal situation as above should we try to benefit from fold equity generated? If we get 4bet we can fold and if we get flat then we have the preflop initiative and can often win with a flop cbet vs the right oppenents.


      is CC and following the call 20 rule almost always better since we dont want to get 4bet off our hand and miss the opportunity to flop a set and stack our opponent?
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    • Zervin311
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 90
      It depends on your opponent, some opponents fold alot of flops, some fold no flops, some are one trick ponnies that will raise your SB, cbet once then give up. Some even spite 4-bet with anything because they think you're restealing in the big blind. It all depends on how you would react to your opponents actions postflop and if he's likely to fold preflop.