Here you will find some guidance on how to make best use of the Locker Room.

1) Create a thread with your name as the title
All you have to do in order to become a member of the NL Beginners Course is to create a thread in this forum with your username as the title. This will then be your Private Learning Thread, in which you will keep track of your progress during the course, and much more.

2) Introduce yourself
Not only for politeness' sake, it also make sense to introduce yourself so that the coaches can help you better in your development as a poker player. You can include information like which limits you play, and what experience (if any) you had with poker before.

3) Post your homework
This is the place you will be posting the results of your homework in. Simply copy-paste the questions from the lesson in a new post, and post your answers. When you have to post a hand for evaluation, or you have evaluated somebody else's hand, you do it in the Handevaluation Forums. Once you do that, simply post a link to that thread/post in your Private Learning Thread in the Locker Room. This is to ensure that the coaches will have all the information in one place, and don't have to go looking for it.

4) Communicate with your coaches
Your Private Learning Thread is an excellent opportunity to ask the coaches for guidance on a specific problem, or ask them if you do not understand something in a lesson/video/homework/coaching.