Busted out of FRT please evaluate my play

    • profish66
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      Hi am new on here been playing online since March trying to grind on FRT to build a reasonable starting BR

      would like opinions on my play have played tight into money on 888 FRT

      am in BB with AK suited blinds 10 & 20k and my stack is 152 778 after posting BB there are about 33 players left and I am about 20th. I feel should shove all in as have less than 10 BB left. Only me 1 caller and SB left in,

      I shove SB fold the call near cut off calls all in with J10 s also spades same as me he hit 2 pair to knock me out.

      My question was I right to shove or should I just have played tight to get higher up the the money ladder. Thanks opinions appreciated.
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