Party vs Stars

    • SR1337
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      Playing at PP now, but I'm thinking about changing rooms cause PP has low traffic at the time when I play and the tables are full of regs... Thought I might as well ask you guys how is Stars compared to Party? Traffic? Fishes? Playability? Bonuses?

      thanks! :)
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    • weedo25
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      i play on party nl25, but when i am done with bonuses i am going to switch to stars, i would have 20% cashback, nice tourneys on sundays, 3x more tbls, and i like to massmultitable, party softwear is so bad,
      At stars i have roll for nl2 at the moment and softwear is just so smooth, i play 24 without keyboard

      silver if you play sh u need 136$ rake monthly
      u will get 10$ steller after 750vpp, nice tourneys for fpp and 50$ bonus(4,5k fpp) 9.5% cashback

      gold sh 545$ rake monthly
      40$ steller after 3000 vpp, 300$ bonus(25kfpp) 13.4% back
      silver 200$ rake u have max 10% cashback with 80$ bonus but in the end it is 8.5% becaouse u have to collect more points to get.

      gold 500$ rake max 15% with 450$ bonus but it isnt really 15 it is more like 13.5%

      u can see here more pokerstars tiers

      edit: party is so random with promotions
    • Haaskis
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      I personally like Stars more. The software is better too, imo.
    • joeldowey123
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      i prefer stars too, but im not tracked on here unfrtunatly
    • Gerovit
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      lol@ Party vs Stars
      Stars >>>> in every possible category
    • rlaesk
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      I moving from party to stars, since PP take 20-25% rake on the micro SnG which is the format I play.

      I created the account in another country so when I tried to cash out. My account then got locked for ten days before their shitty customer support finally had a look at the scanned passport i sent to them. I then had to send them even more proof of that I was I until they finally unlocked it after 12 days.

      Now I still can't cash out because of what appears to be some bug - they're asking me to deposit with my VISA first, even though I've already done so twice.

      So no, I don't recommend Party. I actually signed my last e-mail with a "go f*** yourselves" last time I wrote them.