[NL2-NL10] NL10 SH KK ugly board

    • SPeedFANat1c
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($10.05)
      BB ($3.50)
      CO ($6.57)
      BTN ($9.92)

      Dealt to Hero K:heart: K:diamond:

      CO raises to $0.20, BTN calls $0.20, Hero raises to $0.75, fold, fold, BTN calls $0.55

      FLOP ($1.80) 7:club: J:spade: A:club:

      Hero bets $1.20, BTN calls $1.20

      TURN ($4.20) 7:club: J:spade: A:club: A:heart:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $2.10, Hero calls $2.10

      RIVER ($8.40) 7:club: J:spade: A:club: A:heart: 4:diamond:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $5.87 (AI), Hero calls $5.87

      Opponent is unknown

      FLop - I have to bet to get the information where I am at. Unless he decides to float with weaker hands, I don't get value. But check folding here is too weak I guess.

      Turn - there is less chance now that he has an ace, but if I bet, I don't get any value. So I checked and called because - on flop I was thinking long, and on turn I show weakness - so the opponent thinks I definitely don't have an ace, because with ace I am betting. So he now should float very often and represent trips. Of course there are aces in his range as well, but he could slowplay trips, because many people will fold to a bet on turn.

      River - I just call because I called the turn and 4 doesn't change much.
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    • matovicmilos
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      agree with your analysis 100% some people dont like being squeezed so they go tilt-bluffing mode more often then they have the nuts there
    • nixnatasjanix
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      Well, did he have the ace?
      I would've folded on that turn. You got called on the flop. Chances are that he indeed has that ace. Or something else, like a set. A reasonable player would have that kind of hands to call your bet. However, you don't know him so you can't tell. I wouldn't be comfortable risking that with the chance of drawing dead against him. With Kings I would not like to be lead when there are aces on the board. But that's just my humble opinion.

      If I found out later on that he is a fishy player, I could use that information to get back at him later on.
    • veriz
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      Hello SPeedFANat1c,

      Preflop: On those limits we don't even have to adjust our squeeze raise size. For that reason I'd consider doing the raise even bigger here ~$1.
      Postflop: Really cruel since their 3bet-calling range may easily consist any kind of Ax hands. Rarely doubt that he playing this aggressively with a hand like Jx/QQ. So practically the hand we beat here is a bluff.

      Since you are getting anyways value from Jx/QQ and maybe even like TT here, I'd just bet myself on turn and we could at least find out where our hand stands. In 3bet pots and on such a board it's hard to expect them to have a lot of floats on flop. Of course there might a slight chance that he has. But do we really want to turn our hand into bluff-catcher while we even don't know the opponent?

      Best regards.
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      he had T8 :D yeah, we probably would have get a call on turn from that hand. And on the river he could have bet with busted draw, but then I think I would not have called because once he calls two barrels, I am putting him on ace.