getting close!

    • w4terman
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      i am getting close to 250$ so i can play at the nlh10 my roll is 219$ atm!

      here is my graph and stats

      vpip = 16,3
      pfr = 6,9
      3bet = 2,9
      agg = 1,54
      wtsd = 34,6
      w$sd = 54,3

      i play bss at nlh2 and i am multitabling at partypoker 8tables

      When i move to the nlh10 should i continue to 8 tables or drop down to 4 or even less ?
      Are the nlh10 any different from nlh4?

      any opinios about my graph and stats are more than welcome

      thank you
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    • eXtremeACE
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      Hey, that's actually pretty good graph I'm surprised to say the least.
      I also play on PartyPoker, 9 tables and I'm not getting that nice winrate, tho my game is 11/6(vpip/pfr)..

      Do you have a Skype? I'd love to talk to you more about it, mainly because we play in the same room. Add me, skype name: stvirag

      EDIT: About NL10, well I suppose it's good time to start getting into SH, and learn it well there before starting to go crazy on multitabling. I think NL10/25 are good stepping stones to more stats/reads/HUD/SH play than grinding 8,10,15tables like at NL2, or NL4. Just my two cents.

      Best regards,