[MSS] When to leave a table?

    • Elertar
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      When you are winning in a table and you reach the 50BB limit (i.e. NL2 -> 1.00$), should you leave the table right away or wait for the big blind to come to you and only then leave?

      Thank you in advance!
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    • eXtremeACE
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      It's a good question really. Of course I would stay until BB comes to me next time, but if you're not comfortable playing with deep stack, it could get messy.

      Basically, I think it depends on your BR. Why? Well because if you bankroll is good enough to go all-in with KK with lets say 35-40BB, it's going to be ugly to go a few time with >50BB lets say 70BB or more.. you're going to get more money in the long run, but you're going to lose more in the short..

      EDIT: Also many would say it depends on how your postflop game is, and are you comfortable with it. Which is totally true, but given you're playing MSS there is little in postflop game behind that strategy, so I think playing with >50BB is just going to result in more variance..

      Actually, that are my thoughts behind it, I may be completely wrong..

      Best regards,
    • JohnDoe1313
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      I think you should always wait till the BB comes to you. With blinds you have paid for 9 games, so why should not we take them? :) If you are not confident about your post flop play or MSS overall yet, you can play AA and KK only. With best starting hands you have the best chances to win again. If you lose, nevermind, because you have good BRM. Basically, all you lose is one MSS BI, that means 40bb if you look at another portion of your stack like it is not your money till you leave the table.

      If you have enough experience, you can play standart MSS even with bigger stack till it is time to leave. That are my thoughts.
    • Elertar
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      I see... That's an interesting way of reasoning the matter. Very insightful, thank you.
    • BigOVERBET
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      I never leave when i am running hot and winning big or the table is very good.
      But i leave when i am down like 6 BI or get tired and see that i am making mistakes.