[Application] Looking for Coaching. Potentially money making for YOU

    • atown92
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      Hey my name is Andrew , im 19 and ive been playing poker for about 1 year now, at first i thought of it as just fun and whatever, but now im eager to learn how to really play to gain profits. Obviously whoever decides to take me under their wing will get all profits that i make for 2-4 months.

      Ive been playing ALOT of poker in the past 2 months and really really want to take it to the next level. Whatever i make as profits, 100% goes to you as my coach and yeah. i hope i can impress you! :)

      IF anyone is interested and want to talk to me more thoroughly, please email me on [Edited by NIVEKii] and we can organise a skype session and talk more in detail.
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    • NIVEKii
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      Hello atown92,

      I'm afraid you do not qualify to ask for a stake as you do not have sufficient posts to do so. These staking forum rules require 300 posts to be made in the English community (not total posts!). I'll have to close this thread as it does not comply with these rules.

      Just some friendly advise though. If you decide to reopen your quest for a stake once you qualify, please be more specific; what limits do you play, which limits have you played and beat, over how big a sample did you beat it, what do you expect from the coach... Proof your claims with graphs, links to independent tracking websites etc...

      All the best,