nsdw in plo

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    • Kyyberi
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      Lesson #1: it doesn't matter if your money comes from SD or nonSD. As long as it comes.

      Lesson #2: the ratio of those two is purely made by the villains.

      Lesson #3: if you want to boost your nonSD winnings, just stop folding. It will boost nicely. :)

      Let's look at examples.

      Your table is full of 80/0/0 calling stations. You can't bluff them, cos they aren't folding preflop or postflop. So you will get to pots with them, and valuebet them to oblivion when you have a hand. When you don't, you just fold or check it all the way to showdown. Result: your nonSD will go down as you just can't win a hand without a showdown against these guys.

      Your table is full of 6/3/0 nits. You will steal a lot blinds, and you will also pick a ton of pots postflop as they will fold everything else but the nuts. Result: your nonSD will go up, as you win a lot of pots without showdown. But your SD will go down cos every time these guys go to showdown they have the nuts.

      Of course it's not that simple, but it shows you how the villains affect your SD winnings. So as long as either one of them is going up, and your winnings go up too, there's no need to worry.

      If you start to "correct your leaks" for negative SD or nonSD, the most common result is that either both of them go down, or the one you are correcting goes up and the other one goes down.