Run good or run bad?

    • L3ST
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      It's easy to lean on one side by the way I feel, but I was browsing HEM and got an interesting statistic.
      In Reports tab I have Winnings in chips and Winning ( EV Adjusted )

      I have -1.6mil in losses and +2.2mil in EV Adjusted.
      Sample size is 99K hands.

      The reason I'm posting this is because I'm constantly losing lately and I feel it's not bad play.

      I'm not talking about the Winnings results, since I can't have it on plus side unless I win some major tournaments.
      I'm talking about the difference between result and EV. Can I consider myself unlucky or it's just standard difference between different blind levels and/or flips results?

      If you can spare a bit of time, please post your results here.
      I hope I was coherent, I'm writing this after 20 hours of grinding with negative results over 60 tournaments.
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    • Albeback
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      First substract nonSD winnings from EV then compare.
      Also look for the big pots and see how big of EV difference you get from them. For ex you might have lost a flip for 5mil chips and thats why you have such big difference.
    • pzhon
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      The only way to gain chips is to win tournaments. (Of course, if you disconnect, your database won't see the hands where you blind off.) It's perfectly normal to see a lot of lost chips in the short run. When you bust out of the tournament, you weren't lucky while all-in, so it is natural to see a positive adjustment for a sample which did not include a win. This doesn't guarantee a positive adjusted result, and it is a good sign that the adjusted result says you should have gained chips.

      Instead of the total chips, you should look at how you are performing at each blind level, and don't pay too much attention to the blind levels where you don't have many hands.