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BarneytheDog's 888 sng adventure

    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      So I my old blog died with a few months off poker and the fall of full tilt. But as a wise man once said 'Benders Back BABY'.

      I have moved over to 888 under the name of BarneytheDog after trying again to fall for pokerstars (fail!) and having a go at bet365 (shudders). I like 888 and am partial to the 20 seat, 4 handed nitros. Maybe i'm on a heater. Maybe i'm beating the game. I guess that what this adventure will seek out (well that and a shite load of cash). Not sure how this blog will turn out or which direction it will go. But here are my stats so far. Time to play some poker....

      Games Played - 209
      Buy In - 2.90
      ITM - 22.5%
      ROI - 28.3%
      Profit/loss - $171.40
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Good luck evertonroar! :) Looking forward to following your blog.
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      ok so i started a new blog I may as well say something in it.

      Like I said i'm playing the 20seat nitros (4 handed) at 888 poker. They can are quite fun and they seem to be very very soft. Good for bankroll buidling but i'm not sure how good for developing my poker skills. You do spend a lot of time in push/fold mode (but very few of the opponents seem to understand it) but i;m really not sure if its a true reflection of how a normal sng push/fold works or if it helping my game. Nearly every game you end up in situations where you are 3 handed, less than 10 BB, but still 9 players left (so six from the money). What these games do do (hehe dodo) is make me think about the game and how I play it and i guess that can only be good. No robot for these games i say.

      They are also pretty fast and I can only 4 table them at the moment. Anyway my graph is below. Seemed to have settled into a 10-15% roi after a massive start. So pretty happy and enjoying poker again.

      I have also opened a sportsbetting account and plan to bet smallish amounts on the EPL, A-league (australian league) and european comps. I enjoy football very much and enjoy some small gambling as well. should be interesting. So far i have picked 6 from 7 results (including man city to score 4 goals against swanse) so have about $35 profit. I havn't placed bets on the weekend fixtures yet but over the next few nights am looking for bayern munich to beat fz zurich, odense to draw with villareal and barca to draw with real. Wish me luck and any hot tips would be appreciated.

      Anyway my stats are as follows and my graph is below:

      Games Played - 243
      Buy In - 2.90
      ITM - 22.2%
      ROI - 25.2%
      Profit/loss - $177.80 B
      +bonuses of $20

    • michellecip
      Joined: 29.05.2011 Posts: 2,420
      Great start sir ! Good luck with your plans !

      Btw +1 for the sportsbetting account ! Make the game more interesting. :s_biggrin: :s_biggrin:
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      Anyway munich beat fz zurich but the other two didnt go my way. Tonight I only have partizan belgrade to beat shamrock rovers @$1.85.

      Had a great session of poker tonight. Up 9 BI's in 30 games so can't complaing. overall stats are:

      Games Played - 273
      Buy In - 2.90
      ITM - 22.3%
      ROI - 26.0%
      Profit/loss - $205.80 B
      +bonuses of $20
      +sportsbet profit of $28.75

      really feel the urge to keep playing tonight but its getting late and have to work in the morning. would be really shited off if i played again and lost 4 bi's so going to call it a night.

      Anyone have an inside tips on the EPL for the weekend? I'm thinking:
      Sunderland to beat newcastle (but to close for me to bet on)
      Arsenel to draw liverpool (but going to avoide this one as well)
      Aston villia to pants blackburn
      Everton to beat QPR
      Wigane to draw with swansea (at 3.13/1 i may have a punt on this one)
      Chelsea to win and score more than 3 against west brom
      Stoke to beat norwich
      Wolves and fulham to draw
      man city to pants bolton
      Tottenham to upset Man U (at 5.50/1 i think this could be goer)
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      so been busy today so havnt played much. Profit is up to $219 @roi of 26.1%. Will be staying up to watch the might everton against QPR tonight but plan to play some poker first. Have place my bets on the EPL already:

      Man u to beat totenham @1.57
      Man C to beat bolton @1.71
      wovles to draw fulham @3.12
      chelsea to beat west brom @1.22
      Everton to beat QPR @1.44
      Aston vill to beat blackburn @1.64
      Arsendal to draw liverpool @3.10
      sunderland to beat newcastle @2.25
      Stole to either beat or draw norwich @1.48
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      well the epl didnt really go my way but poker has been ok. Pretty much going to cruise along until my holiday (12 days till im on a beach in ko sumie). Heaps to do at work till then. After my holiday and the following four day weekend down in margaret river I will post some goals and start posting hands. Keen to get back into serious poker but need a break first.

      poker has been slightly profitable for the last few days. volume has been down a bit and copping some unlucky cards. pretty much break even for the last 80 or so games which is defintely not to plan.

      Games Played - 351
      Buy In - 2.90
      ITM - 21.1%
      ROI - 20.6%
      Profit/loss - $209.60
      +bonuses of $20 (i point till another $10(
      +sportsbet profit of $15.85 :(

    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      ok not a bad night of poker. Profit is up to $220 (@21.1%) + $30 bonus. Put a few bets on the carling cup tonight as well. I like (to qualify)

      Wycombe v Nottm Forest – Nottm Forest @ 1.50 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Shrewsbury v Swansea – Swansea @ 1.37 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Norwich v MK Dons – Norwich @ 1.31 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Northampton v Wolves – Wolves @ 1.33 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Cardiff v Huddersfield – Cardiff @ 1.36 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Bury v Leicester – Leicester @ 1.44 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      Bournemouth v West Brom – West Brom @ 1.36 – To Qualify for the Next Round

      in the champions league
      FC Zurich v Bayern Munich – Bayern Munich @ 1.49 – Win-Draw-Win
      Rangers v NK Maribor Piv Lasko – Rangers @ 1.46 – Win-Draw-Win
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      well time to get back into serious poker. I have been away alot this last month (Ko sumie, singapore and margaret river) and busy ultra busy at work. Now that I am back i see 888 dont have the 2.90 nitros anymore. So I am forced to move up to the 5.50s which is ok as i have 100BI at that level. Anyway the 2.90's ended as follows:

      Games Played - 585
      Buy In - 2.90
      ITM - 19.1%
      ROI - 11.8%
      Profit/loss - $201
      +bonuses of $40
      +sportsbet profit of $30

      not all that happy with it as i went about a week playing really badly. playing tired and kept playing when it wasnt my A (or even my B) game. no more of that.

      Anyway just started the $5.50s and so far so good (huge sample size!!)

      Games Played - 4
      Buy In -5.50
      ITM - 50%
      ROI - 263.6%
      Profit/loss - $58
      +bonuses of $0
      +sportsbet profit at $30

      Will post my epl tips a bit later.

      quick question - what do people normally do with gaphs after they move up a new level - either show the graph ith all levels played or just with the level currently on?