• DustyMonk
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      I personally feel that there is more luck in hold'em than stud.

      Now after some consideration and mathematical analysis the above probably is untrue. However, the feeling remains. Vairance is higher in limiti stud than limit holdem due to the number of betting rounds. however, still it feels to me like there is more "control" in stud.

      Now, I have little to add to this at this moment. This is because I am interested in hearing the opinions of, and the feedback from the community.
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    • dogma18
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      I get what you mean as in holdem you have to guess your equity in a hand agaisnt an opponents range whilst in stud you can see the majority of his cards so less guesswork
    • fivesky55
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      I agree what dustymonk comment... that is also the major cause i think to make hold'em is the most popular games than others since it needs a lot of guess works. but anyway, luck is the most factor for all the games... maybe i think luck needed on for 30% and skill taken 70%...
    • DrDunne
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      i did write out a really long paragraph about how luck is used when people don't want to think about stats (unless we use the term luck to describe when stats work in our favour) but i think i'll just put these 2 sayings here instead (they might have been put in the thread of quotes already but who cares) :P

      1) "the more i practice, the luckier i get."
      2) it's not the cards you are dealt but how you play the hand.

      those 2 sayings sum up my opinion on holdem being luck based - i don't play any other variants so i can't speak for them :)
    • Saruniks
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      because it's easier to play. NL4 too have lower variance. When you will go up limits, you will see that it is harder to play and variance will hit you hard.