Greetings from Ireland

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      Hi ACitizenErased, welcome to and top of the morning to you.

      Ok, enough of the stereotyped welcomes, apologies, it was only ever funny the first time i used it. :rolleyes:

      It is however genuinely great to see you join our friendly Community and we have so much to offer players here.

      Make sure you check out our Strategy articles, educational videos and free live coaching sessions, not to mention the forum here and sample hand boards etc.
      You will achieve Bronze status as soon as you start to use your new tracked account and a lot more strategy material will be opened up to you as soon as you reach this status.

      Our members here are very diverse from all parts of the world, but every one of them is friendly and keen to help fellow members so don't hesitate to shout if you have any questions.

      Welcome once again and look forward to seeing you active in the forum in the coming weeks.

      Best regards,

      - A slightly mad Englishman :D
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      make sure to check out the awesome material on the site =)

      and dont hesitate to ask almost anything and you'll get a friendly omsightful advice =)
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      Originally posted by ACitizenErased
      Hi Guys, Just waiting on my 50 dollar capital. I am an 18 year old grinder from Ireland mostly playing HUSNGs. Nice to meet you guys.
      Hi ACitizenErased,

      Greetings from the West of Ireland! You could not have come to a greater place, the best PokerSchool in the world that is!

      Well done on passing the quiz and have you chosen where your gonna take the free $50?

      What poker background have you? How did you find us?

      Good to see a fellow Irishman in these parts, we are few at the minute so the more, the merrier!

      Don't forget to invite your friends and you can earn more $$$ that way too :)

      For more information on that visit this link

      All the best in your poker career,

      Kind regards,
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      Thank you for the welcome guys. Checking this place out now.
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      Hello and welcome :P
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      best of luck at the tables and welcome