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    • satrapis1
      Joined: 08.07.2011 Posts: 20
      Hello every1 My name Is John and im from Greece...
      Im new member here and i play sng and little cash game in ipoker...
      What is best way to beat the micro limit (0,05-0,10)

      Thanks... :f_cool:
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hi John,

      Welcome to our community!

      Our members will surely come give their 2 cents into this discussion but here is mine.

      I play micro stakes as well, and I'm super nitnitnit. It's all about adjusting your play, wait for good hands (even if you need to fold 20 times after each other and they steal your blinds) then when good hand comes, pump the moniez into the pot. Fold marginal hands form early position as people call too much and u will be out of position going to the flop.

      Do you use any poker analysis tool or our hand chart for example?

    • keoghh
      Joined: 01.07.2011 Posts: 857
      I would suggest using some sort of tracking software and also reading the silver strategy articles/watch videos on here for help.
    • michellecip
      Joined: 29.05.2011 Posts: 2,420
      Originally posted by keoghh
      I would suggest using some sort of tracking software and also reading the silver strategy articles/watch videos on here for help.
      And you should start with nl2.
      Btw whats your bankroll?
      Good luck at the tables !
    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Yep some great advice already here let me add some too :)

      One thing to remember at micro stakes is just keep it simple there is absolutely no need to play fancy poker like you see in movies just simple ABC stuff will work and because there are so many bad players at the micro stakes you will keep getting paid off.

      Another good tip was said by michellecip, bankroll management is a hugely important factor of becoming successful, i dunno what you bankroll is atm but i wouldnt recomend you playing NL10 until you reach at least a $250 bankroll maybe higher so you dont feel like intimidated as you move up the stakes and play too tight.

      Tracking software is handy for keeping track of results and letting you take hands and post in the forums for evaluation. We have our own tracking software that is great for the micros and free to download if you follow This link here

      You can take a look at our strategy articles complete with starting hand + odds charts: Here
      If you search through there for SSS MSS or BSS which ever you are playing :)

      We also have Videos and Free live coachings done by our professionals.

      All this should get you well on your way to beating the micros

      Hope this helps,